The latest update for Age of Conan: Unchained has been detailed by the MMO's game director Craig Morrison, including the long-awaited dungeon House of Crom.

Morrison explains in an interview with OnlineWelten that within the two House of Crom dungeons players will be able to experience two different ways to experience the area.

"House of Crom is actually made up of two vast dungeons. One social dungeon that supports multiple groups at the same time, and one six man dungeon. These areas are the largest indoor dungeons we have created to date, and there is a lot of great game-play and encounter crammed into the ancient halls.

"The original design was done over three years ago, in fact the location design was done before I even started on the project!"

The studio decided to create two instances within the single area, he goes on to explain, because of the size of the zone.

"... It is a truly massive area, and we wanted to try and achieve two different styles of game-play with this addition. The team instance is very much like other instances with interesting boss encounters as we have done all through last year, but the social area allows us to experiment a little more, and do something more interesting, make the players think a little and have to discover the secrets for themselves."

In terms of the look and style of the dungeon, Morrison says it harkens back to MMOs of old.

"We really wanted to remind people of the days in MMOs when everything wasn't laid out clearly with a glowing icon or a breadcrumb trail. While there are still some of your standard, expected quests in these dungeons, we also really wanted to make something in there that would require the players to think about it.

"These days, modern MMO quest design is often more about instant gratification. While there isn't anything wrong with that in moderation, we also feel that there isn't anything wrong with also adding some hidden things. The type of things that might give even more satisfaction to players when they are unlocked. Following a glowing icon on a map doesn't always allow the players to show off their smarts, so this was an opportunity for us to challenge our players as well."

Users should expect to be rewarded with loot that ranges from new armour sets, accessories and rings, as well as epic level cloaks.

Age of Conan: Unchained is a free-to-play MMO. The game first made the change-over to the F2P model last year and has since reached 600,000 players.