Activision expects to see more competition to Skylanders in the future, CEO Bobby Kotick has suggested.

Speaking during Activision's Q4 2012 results last week (transcribed by Seeking Alpha), Kotick alluded to Disney Infinity as being the first competitor to the firm's $500m series, before recognising that it was "likely" the firm would see additional competition from rival publishers over time.

"We haven't had any competition in the category," said Kotick, discussing the Skylanders franchise with an industry analyst.

"We have a new competitor and we are likely to have more. But we've invested a lot against it, we achieved a lot of good success so far and we have high expectations for the franchise going forward."

Activision is set to release its third Skylanders game in the autumn, Skylanders: Swap Force, months after Disney launches Disney Infinity, its take on the popular toy-collecting franchise.

But which other franchises would you like to see released as a Skylanders clone? Pokemon? Sonic? LEGO Star Wars? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Seeking Alpha