Activision CEO Michael Griffith said during Activision Blizzards' Q1 earnings call last night that it has very high targets for upcoming Bizarre Creations racer Blur.

"From a business perspective, we are targeting Blur to do for racing what Call of Duty did for shooters, and that was the goal when we originally acquired Bizarre Creations to make this game," said Griffith.

"Blur brings real innovation to the racing category and is looking very strong. You will all get a chance to see this game first-hand at E3, but suffice it to say, we are excited to be entering this genre with this game."

Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard added: "... we have we think a unique opportunity in the racing genre with Bizarre Creations, one of the great developers of racing product, and we are especially excited about entering what has been historically one of the biggest categories of video games that we have not been in before, and as Mike said, we expect to do in that category over time what we did in the first person action category with Call of Duty."