How do we feel about a Destiny TV show, or movie? Bungie is entertaining the idea of an adaptation for the silver screen, because there are lots of new opportunities now that it owns the Destiny IP outright (via Hollywood Reporter). 

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, creative lead Robbie Stevens and narrative designer Nikko Stevens shed a little light on the Shadowkeep expansion and its seasonal additions. Season of the Undying commenced in October 2019, and Season of Dawn began in December 2019. Shadowkeep is “setting the stage” for a lot of the lore that has been scattered throughout the series, and consciously listens to players’ requests. “We’re actively watching how our community reacts to these things,” said Robbie Stevens. “They may start caring about something we didn’t think was that important and we realize we have to spend more time on it.”

“If you look at how we’re trying to construct Destiny now, it’s in some ways like building a seasonal TV show,” explained Robbie Stevens, adding that the approach lets the developer, “propel the story forward in a way that the players are directly impacting and leaving a lasting change in the world.” This sentiment was echoed with Bungie design director Victoria Dollbaum’s description of Destiny as an “evolving world.” Of course, interactivity is key to this ebb and flow between developer and player, but a TV show or movie could show off the depth of Destiny’s world(s) very nicely. Robbie Stevens kept mum on the question of an adaptation, but it seems to be something Bungie has thought about.

“Anything is possible,” said Stevens obliquely. “One of the advantages of Bungie fully owning the Destiny IP is that we have the freedom to make those choices whenever we think the time is right. That’s all I can say about it.” Bungie is aiming to become one of the “best entertainment companies” in the world by 2025, and transmedia projects could be one of its steps towards that goal. Nothing is certain, but given the success of Netflix’s The Witcher, it’s worth a go.

Destiny 2 is out now on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Google Stadia, though it’s quite quiet on Google’s gaming gamble

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