Video game industry veteran Jamie Degen has launched a Kickstarter project for HellScreen, a first-person shooter inspired by classic 90s genre heavyweights such as DOOM and Quake.

That's no exaggeration either, as a quick look at the first batch of screenshots on the game's Kickstarter page definitely give off a distinct 90s whiff of pixellated perfection. The crowdfunding campaign has 26 days to go and aims to raise £25,000, and at the time of writing has amassed just over £2600. 

HellScreen boasts a number of meaty weapons, including pistols, shotguns, chain guns and more, with the chance to upgrade your firepower and abilities when your character bites the dust. You'll do this by spending souls collected from defeated enemies and rare soul crates.

We're also promised the ability to manipulate environments by shooting columns and traps to change the situation to your advantage, as well as aggressive combat that only sees you progressing forward, never retreating.

HellScreen will ship in February 2019 provided it's fully funded. Check out the trailer below in the meantime.

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