PlayStation 3 console sales reached 70 million units worldwide as of November 4, 2012, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced.

The figure represents those units sold to retailers - the shipped figure - not those actually in the hands of consumers.

PS3 launched in November 2006 and has been through several revisions, most recently with the September 2012 launch of the new PS3, offering a reduction in size and weight over the 2009 slim PS3. SCE says that the new PS3 has been "well received by consumers around the world".

The PS3 sales compare pretty favourably with Xbox 360, which sold 70 million units as of September 2012, but launched a year earlier in November 2005.

In addition, SCE also announced that sales of the PlayStation Move motion controller surpassed 15 million units worldwide as of November 11, 2012.

Sony says it will continue to further expand the PS3 platform and create a "world of computer entertainment that is only possible on PlayStation".

Source: Press release