505 Games has announced a trio of PC titles will be heading to stores on February 20, 2009 under the 1C Company label. This includes icy survival horror Cryostasis, monster FPS NecroVisioN and World War II strategy title Men of War.

Cryostasis is set in the Arctic Circle in 1981 and players take on the role of Alexander Nesterov, a Russian meteorologist sent to investigate the final hours of the North Wind, an old nuclear ice-breaker shipwrecked in an icy grave. The only problem is that the freezing cold has turned the inhabitants of the ship into freakish frozen monsters and Alex must use his Mental Echo ability to relive the final memories of the dead and change their actions in the past.

NecroVisioN is a horror FPS which sees players take on the role of American soldier Simon Bukner, who must fight his way through the trenches of World War One and into the jaws of hell. Armed with his powerful Shadow Hand and demonic weapons, Bukner must battle to save himself and the world from zombie-fied soldiers, a giant robotic scorpion, demons, vampires and more.

Last up is World War II strategy title Men of War which shows the war from three different sides - Russian, Allied and German - as players command entire armies and plot battle strategies across maps based on real-life locations.