4A Games, developer of the Metro series, has been acquired by Embracer Group

4A Games, developer of the Metro series, has been acquired by Embracer Group
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Embracer Group has snapped up the developer of the Metro series, 4A Games, in its latest round of acquisitions.

4A Games and Deep Silver (owned by Embracer Group) have a historic partnership, with the latter publishing Metro Last Light, Metro Redux, Metro Exodus, and its two DLCs. The new arrangement will see the developer working under Saber Interactive, in order to “[strengthen] Saber Interactive’s development capabilities in Ukraine.” 

The companies also announced a new AAA game coming from both parties, and it “combines the AAA production values of 4A Games’ combined engine and technology know-how, and Saber Interactive’s experience on multiplayer and live operations.” 4A Games is developing its own project independently, and this one “leverages its decade of experience on developing the Metro series.” It’s definitely the next Metro game with author Dmitry Glukhovsky signed on to write the next installment. 

4A Games is just one of the many, many, many companies that have been acquired by Embracer Group. This time, DECA Games, New World Interactive, Palindrome Interactive, Pow Wow Entertainment, Sola Media, Rare Earth Games, and Vermila Studios are the latest stock to be soaked up by the conglomerate. Last we heard, Embracer Group had almost 120 games in development from its various studios around the world. Cripes.