World War II dogfighting simulator 303 Squadron: Battle of Britain is officially headed to PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One, Atomic Jelly has announced on Twitter.

Taking place in the summer of 1940, when the RAF clashed with the Luftwaffe for air superiority over the skies of Britain, 303 Squadron's gameplay is plucked from actual historical events, with all characters, missions, and planes meticulously recreated for to deliver a 'unique and inimitable experience.'

As well as engaging in furious aerial battles with nimble German fighters and lumbering bombers, players will be able to explore a fully open-world Northolt Base, taking part in various side missions and experiencing what life was like on the frontlines as a pilot during the Battle of Britain.

In addition to scrapping it out in your trusty Hawker Hurricane, players will also have to keep their plane in tip-top condition using 303 Squadron's first-person mechanic mode, where you'll be able to make key repairs and tweak your weapons loadout. 

303 Squadron: Battle of Britain has yet to attract a release date, but you can check out the latest teaser trailer below.


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