Tom Orry, Editorial Director - Plague Inc, Android and iOS


While fighting tiredness on an evening train back from Paris on Sunday I decided I'd finally give Plague Inc a go. I was perhaps a little too dozy to get fully into what was happening, but if you think about what's going on it's really rather dark. While playing I hoped I wouldn't be asked what I was doing, as trying to sound like a normal member of society would be pretty difficult. "Yeah, I'm a virus whose aim is to wipe out the entire population by carefully planning where to attack first, how to mutate, and how best to infect others. That number that is rising at an alarming rate is the number of people who have died because of me. The higher the better."

I enjoyed myself.

Simon Miller, Editor In Chief - Mario And Donkey Kong: Minis On The Move, 3DS

I've always, for no real reason, had a soft spot for the Mario/Donkey Kong games. They've never been spectacular but in a world where puzzle titles aren't the force they once were I find it somewhat satisfying to play one that has love and care put into it.

Minis On The Move changes the format somewhat, but moaning about that just makes you part of the problem. If Nintendo had kept it the same you'd be shedding a single tear that innovation and creativity was dead. Go and play Pong, or something. Or check out our review.

James Orry, News Editor - Candy Box, Browser


I'm now earning 300 lollipops and 21 candies per second, which is pretty impressive stuff I'm sure you'll agree. I've got a level 10 sword and 650 HP, but I'm still not powerful enough to slay the dragon and take control of the castle. I'm sure with enough potions I could extinguish his flame, but I won't be satisfied unless I do it sans-magic. So, as it stands there's pretty much nothing more to do at this stage than to sit back and watch the candies roll in, levelling up my attributes until I'm so buff that Puff won't stand a chance.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - Resident Evil 2, PS Vita


More Vita shenanigans this week, as FIFA was ousted in favour of, erm, Resident Evil 2. It might not be very scary anymore (apart from that bit where the Licker jumps through the two-way mirror), but *puts on wank hat* there's a delightful rhythm to the game's mixture of combat, exploration and puzzles *removes wank hat*. The scenario-swapping stuff is still ace. It's brilliant.

Go and buy it. And also get Resi 3, which is better. YES IT IS.