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Tom Orry, Editor – MotorStorm RC, PS Vita

I have come to hate lap three on Mixing Bowl, the first event in MotorStorm RC. We’ve been running a competition to see who can set the fastest time over four laps, and while I’ve done OK, my efforts to improve my time have resulted in frustration during lap three. On this lap the painfully slow AI racers start to get in the way, and can turn a great run into a waste of time. I’ve got to the stage now where even if I manage to pass them all cleanly, I’ll panic on the final lap and hit a wall while home and dry. Still, it’s a brilliant game.

Neon Kelly – Deputy and Features Editor – Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, 3DS

So, Snake Eater… it’s rather good, isn’t it? I know I’m saying this seven years after everyone else, but hell, better late than never. As I said in my review, there’s something decidedly odd about the first time you play a game that’s already been praised and discussed ad infinitum. At any given moment I half expected a museum curator to stroll into the jungle, stroke his beard and say, “Ah yes, this is the famous sniper battle against The End. Note the fine brush-strokes on the ‘ZZZ’s that emerge when the old man falls asleep – a trait typical of Renaissance-era stealth games.”

Come to think of it, that would actually make a great post-game unlock. At the very least, Snake Eater is one of the few games that would warrant a Director’s Commentary. Again, I’m the last person in the world to say this, but it really is a classic.

Emily Gera, MMO Editor – Mass Effect 2, Xbox 360

Right, Mass Effect 3 is coming up over the horizon so I need to finish off my second go of Mass Effect 2. I stopped mid-way through my second playthrough about ten months ago, so you might remember me regaling you about Ladyparts Shephard and her trans-planetary trysts around the universe. Having played a male-Shep during my first run through it’s almost instantly clear how much better my fem-Shep character is in terms of voice acting, so even though I’m intimately familiar with the game it really is just a bloody joy to play a second time through. And it turns out spray-painting her armour neon pink gets me an achievement, which is good to know.