Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Plants vs Zombies, iOS

I don't like to play games when they're new and fresh because... well... I have no idea why not. Instead, I wait until the hype has died down and then stumble across it, usually by accident. On this occasion, it was Plants vs Zombies.

Because I'm an asshole I always assumed it wouldn't really be for me, but after a couple of levels I found myself pretty hooked. It's the simplicity of it mostly, nicely mixed with a puzzle element of which plants to pick and when to plant them. I realise that's the equivalent of quoting the instruction manual, but sometimes it's the most basic of elements that appeals.

It must be said that I suck at it, but that aside, I can see why people liked this back in the day, and why others were pissed when the sequel was released.

Dave Scammell, News Editor - The Last of Us Remembered, PS4

'The Last of Us Remembered is the sequel to the greatest game made for the PS3.'

Tom Orry, Editorial Director - Netflix, PS4


Netflix is by far the most used app on my PS4. I use it daily and it always has something I want to watch when I can't find anything to play (which is quite often these days). Currently I'm working through The Good Wife, although I'm onto Season 4 so will have to find something else pretty soon.

If you've never seen it before, The Good Wife is essentially about a law firm in Chicago whose staff have lives far more interesting and scandalous than people do in reality. It's got a great cast and quickly picks up after a fairly low-key first few episodes. Give it a try if the synopsis on Netflix has turned you away.

Brett Phipps, Staff Writer - Dark Souls II, Xbox 360

I've finally completed Dark Souls 2, and my disappointment with the overall game remained true to the end. The final boss wasn't as challenging as I hoped or expected, but I had put 60 hours in at that point, and created a walking tank, so that probably played a part. That said, I still remain tempted to pick it up on PC, to see how much the gameplay is affected by 60 frames per second.

The best time I had with the game was most definitely the DLC, Crown of the Sunken King, so hopefully the forthcoming expansions will continue to be an improvement on the core game.

Jim Trinca, Video Producer - Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, PS4

I've been playing a lot of Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty this week, which has been a confusing time - I constantly want to insert my dualshock into my TV screen, but I'm absolutely hooked and always looking forward to the next no-doubt equally frustrating bit. I can't remember the last time I was this determined to power through a game that was toying with my sanity so much, which is surely a testament to its quality. Make no mistake, it's good. Very good. Even marred as it is by a number of reported bugs and glitches, a few of which I experienced first hand. Proper game-breaking ones too in a couple of cases. Save often, for your sanity.

I've also been playing a fair bit of Pixeljunk Shooter on PS4, which I grabbed off PS Plus a few weeks back. It's a twin-stick shooter explore-em-up in which you save load of scientists from an alien volcano that's filled with lava monsters and bats. It's exceptionally good. Part shooter, part collect-a-thon, part physics puzzler, it's a lovely game to sit and play for fifteen minutes or so when you want to calm down. The perfect antidote to Oddworld, then.