Time to say goodbye to November and its autumnal windiness, for you see, it's time for Christmas to fully take hold of our lives. Let's eat mince pies, sing songs and play games till our fingers are numb. But before we do all shoot off for the winter festivities, it's time to announce the three winners of our Member of the Month award. These good people of the forum have made VideoGamer.com a special place to be during the last month. We've had a lot of fantastic contributions throughout November and it truly is a shame we can't pick more than three winners. There certainly are a lot of fantastic people we could mention.

Each winner will have the choice of any game (up to the value of £50) from GAME!

We've been running this promotion for years, with the results announced on the forums and our podcast. We like to go into a little more detail, with a brief explanation of why we've picked the specific winners each month.

It's important to mention that if you did not win this time around, please do not feel unappreciated; we genuinely love all your contributions to VideoGamer.com, and as fortune has it, we'll be picking another set of winners in precisely one month's time.

Without any further delay, here are our Members of the Month for November:



What a dude! The Meister is a solid contributor to the website and the first person we would like to pick as Member of the Month. We are intrigued by what he has to say, as a gaming veteran FantasyMeister often has knowledge on the games we tend to overlook and can give you a heads-up about most racing and RPG games. We also think he's being paid by OnLive as he does an amazing job keeping everyone clued up about the many updates they bring to the service.



87Sarah a.k.a The Queen of Gaming, is the second person we've chosen to win a member of the Month award. Her contributions to the VideoGamer.com forums has been staggering, with a daily post count as many as there are days running up to Christmas, it's no wonder she has bagged a game. 87Sarah has been really getting into the spirit of things by bringing lots of Christmas cheer. Spreading around love to one and all with threads like Spot the Difference!. If I'm also not mistaken she has taken the time to post in every thread that has the word "Christmas" in it. Are you sure you aren't married to Father Christmas?



The final award goes to altaranga, a member who proves himself time and time again. We were sad to hear about altaranga's gaming lethargy during the summer drought, but it seems he's got back into the swing of things. He is the king of forum games, inventing many of the picture quizzes you see on occasion. We value the effort he puts in to each and every one, click here if you'd like to try his four part gaming challenge. altaranga creates fantastic threads, so brilliant in fact that we decided to STEAL THEM! We thank him for inspiring Community Game of the Year 2011. Keep up the good work.


Congratulations once again to our winners, and warm thanks to everyone who's contributed over the past month. If you'd like to suggest someone for MOTM, why not add your thoughts to the Member of the Month: Forum Edition thread? While we always make our own decision, we keep an eye on the chat in there.