Two very specific experiences coming at you this week, one tailor-made for the racing crowd and the other firmly in the co-op shooter market. It's almost as if games don't know how to do anything else... Check back here at at 2pm for our GRID 2 review and 7.01pm (yep...) for our Fuse thoughts.

Recommended: GRID 2 - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

The majority of Codemasters' racers manage to be, in some form or another, solid efforts, and from what we've seen and heard GRID 2 is no different.

Boasting visuals that'll make you purr and more presentation than most other games even think about, all signs point to yet another agreeable entry in the racing genre. It even knows your name...

Worth a look

Fuse is genuinely a game that is worthy of your interest, mostly because a lot of people don't seem to know what the hell it is. Why? Well, mainly because neither Insomniac or EA has done all that good a job in conveying it.

We know it's a third-person shooter. We know it focuses on co-op. We know each of the characters has a unique ability that places an emphasis on teamwork and gameplay. How these things all come together we don't know, though, but early opinion seems to suggest that it's not all that. Still...

  • Fuse - Xbox 360 and PS3