You're here because you love games and as we love them too, here's your weekly round-up of what you can play when the end of the week rolls around.

'Recommended': Dead Island: Riptide - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

For those that don't have the keenest observatory skills, you'll notice the word 'recommended' in the heading has been placed in inverted commas. This is because while Dead Island: Riptide has made it into this particular section, saying you should go out and buy it isn't the best advice you'll receive this week.

Riptide certainly isn't a bad game, but it fails to really improve on any of the problems that dragged the first entry down and, once again, decides fetch quests are the highlight of any gaming experience. In short, they're not. Read more in our review.

Worth a look

Star Trek may be the best game ever made. It may be better than Gears Of War, The Legend Of Zelda series and Grand Theft Auto combined. We wouldn't know because review code hasn't turned up yet. For an entertainment release due to hit shelves this Friday, we're going to flag that up as something we should all be worried about. Good film, poor video game tie-in would be our best guess.

There's also the returning Dragon's Dogma as Capcom releases its 'Dark Arisen' expansion. Being thrown into the world at £19.99 - which includes the original game - isn't the worst deal in the world, but wouldn't we all rather there was the option to just download the new parts? Yes. There's not even an argument to be had.