- Ultra-realistic handling

- Lighting engine produces stunning graphical effects

- Excellent damage modelling

- Still a simulator, but assists make for more arcadey game

Forza 5 lives up to its illustrious heritage well. Playing with a steering wheel underlined Turn 10's ultra-realistic handling model: the tight corners of the Prague circuit needed precision, but a firm understanding of your car's capabilities - and your own - gives players the opportunity to recover from mistakes. Famed for its graphical prowess on 360, Forza 5 ups the ante here with a new lighting model - flying over a bridge and seeing the light reflecting and responding to the car and world was enough to convince that the next-gen was here at long last.

Older issues remain - chief among them being that the series still lacks a little flair, especially when compared to some rivals. That said, the damage modelling is impressive, and the aforementioned lighting and excellent handling systems should be enough to lure in players both old and new.