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Xbox One users will still be able to download and play games they have purchased digitally even if the title is removed from the Xbox Store, Microsoft has confirmed to

Clarification follows confusion earlier this week after digital buyers were locked out of Far Cry 4 after the game was temporarily removed from the Xbox One Store.

But judging by Microsoft's comments, that seems to have been a glitch rather than a new approach to digital rights management on Xbox One.

"If customers own the rights to a game, they can visit their download history and initiate a re-download whenever they please – even if the game has been delisted from Xbox Store and is no longer available for purchase," a Microsoft representative confirmed to

The DRM strategy appears to be similar to that of Xbox 360 which also allowed players to download and play previously purchased digital games even after they had been removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Some games and content have previously been removed from the Xbox 360 and PS3 digital storefronts due to expired licenses.

It is unclear, however, why digital buyers were locked out of their copy of Far Cry 4 earlier in the week.

"On Monday, some users were unable to access their digitally purchased base edition of 'Far Cry 4'," Microsoft told in an earlier statement. "Our team has resolved the issue and all access to the title has been restored."

Ubisoft declined to comment on the matter when approached by earlier in the week.

Nevertheless, Microsoft's clarification should assure fans looking to build a digital collection on Xbox One. Your games are safe, even if they do get removed from the Xbox Store.

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EverTheOptimist's Avatar


So you're allowed to play a game that you've paid for that has since been removed from the store? Much generosity.
Posted 14:40 on 09 January 2015


Something that should have been implemented from the beginning. One thing I like about my download history on PSN is that it allows downloading of all of your previous games from there whether they've been taken down or not.
Posted 14:18 on 09 January 2015

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