Dead Rising 3 screenshot
Dead Rising 3 screenshot

Capcom Vancouver is working with Microsoft to try and improve Dead Rising 3's performance in time for launch, senior producer Jason Leigh has assured

Discussing the game's frame rate and performance with us earlier today, Leigh admitted that the team had "had many questions over the [game's] performance, which is understandable.

"This demo is actually several weeks old and we've made a lot of ground. We've got a little bit more ways to go before we release the game."

The demos of the game on display at both E3 and GamesCom have struggled to maintain a solid frame rate throughout their playthrough, appearing to slip well below 30FPS when high amounts of zombies appear on screen.

"We're targeting 30 frames a second," Leigh added, "and because we're based in Vancouver, and Seattle is where Microsoft is based, we're only three hours up the road so we constantly have tech people driving back and forth and they're helping us to make this a very smooth running game at launch."

Dead Rising 3 goes on sale alongside Xbox One this November.

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Batmamerc's Avatar


I'm sure about 6 years ago 60 fps was like the new big thing now next gen games are struggling to get 30!
Posted 06:43 on 23 August 2013
AdesteFideles's Avatar


"solid 30 frames per second."

Posted 18:19 on 22 August 2013

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