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Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot
Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot It's called Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Is there any hope for PS3 owners?

YY: At the moment there is no immediate plan. Let me ask you a question. Would you like to see it available for PS3? If I only had the PS3, yes.

YY: (Laughs). Can the engine you've created for The Last Hope be used to make a PS3 version?

YY: If we just specifically talk about the engine, it's a great engine and it is an engine that is capable of catering for all platforms. So it would be technically possible indeed to do a PS3 version, or even a PSP or DS version. We've seen exploration, combat and action gameplay in The Last Hope. Are there any other types of gameplay? Can we control the ship in space, for example?

YY: You cannot steer the airship, you can't move it about as you wish in an action sense. But with the airship you will be able to go to planets you've already been to, so in that sense you can use the airship. I understand the very first Star Ocean game was heavily influenced by Star Trek. Is Star Trek still an influence?

YY: I expect every single member of staff on the SO team are Trekkies anyway, so you can't single out one bit and say it's been inspired by Star Trek, but as a general concept, yes it's always been. Star Trek will live in our work. Developing relationships with characters has been a Star Ocean trademark. Is it possible in Star Ocean: The Last Hope to influence the storyline and are there multiple endings?

YY: When the game was still 2D there were lots of elements like that. In this particular product not so much because of the technical limitation because it's all 3D. But there are some of these elements you will find in this game as well.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope screenshot Can you offer any hints or exciting details about where you are thinking about taking the series with Star Ocean 5?

YY: Obviously we have just finished this project, so there is no immediate project for the next one. No plans at the moment. But what SO boils down to is science fiction set in space. So long as the new idea, whatever it may be, satisfies this condition, you can create anything. So, yes we would like to see if there's an opportunity. The main character, Edge Maverick, looks like many of the anime-style JRPG heroes we've seen before. Did you ever consider creating a different lead or was he always going to be a typical JRPG style character?

YY: In terms of character design there were lots of arguments and debates before we made a decision. The characters from earlier works from the Star Ocean series were very anime influenced. But this time we thought we would create something quite realistic, but still lots of anime elements can be detected in the way they behave or the way they look.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is due out for the Xbox 360 in June.

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Star Ocean: Til the End of Time is right up there with my favourite RPGs of all time, meaning that my anticipation for The Last Hope is at fever pitch right now. From the sounds of things, I'm going to enjoy this one just as much as the last.

Great interview though, interesting stuff.
Posted 18:48 on 10 March 2009

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