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SBK 2011 screenshot
SBK 2011 screenshot

SBK 2011, the next instalment in Black Bean's bike racing video game series, will be released in May 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Once again in the hands of racing game specialist Milestone Studios, SBK 2011 promises to be the "ultimate bike racing game" on the current generation platforms, featuring "tons of graphics and gameplay improvements".

SBK 2011 will feature a brand new artistic direction, an up-to-date driving model in response to feedback on SBK X, plus more appealing presentation.

The game will feature the "entire official package" of the next Championship Season: all classes, all riders and all tracks from the 2011 roster. Analysis

We've never been blown away by the SBK series, but next year's game does appear to have a little something extra about it.

The game will be launching a few months after the debut of Capcom's MotoGP 10/11, but based on screens alone SBK appears to have the edge right now.

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User Comments

kaoro's Avatar


id think its that bad... its a simulator you guys need a NAIL kit!!!
Posted 23:20 on 17 May 2011
kaoro's Avatar


does rossi come on the game????
Posted 23:17 on 17 May 2011
gubasx's Avatar


sbk x was very uncontrolable on xbox 360 while playing on simulation mode .. 30 fps just won't do it .. please make it run at 60 fps this time and make it with better engine sounds and improve the drifting/sliding control .. the handling model is in the right direction ..but at 30 fps it's simply impossible to feel the bike at enough frame rates to be able to react to the bike's behaviour, and that lack of sensitive info leaves us inevitably with a huge lack of responsiveness problem.
I saw nothing new on the 2011 gameplay videos. but i don't even care about that ..the game could even look worse i don't care ..i just want it to be a fast react/fast response game and to be addictive. none of them it will be if it runs at 30 fps once again.
still ..even with all this problems that i mentioned, sbk x is still the best genre game in the market, but that is mainly because moto gp 09/10 was just too bad to be true.. motogp 09/10 was too arcade and childish.
PS: I don't even waste time playing any of these two games anymore. it makes me kind of sad ..because sbk x was pretty close to being a great game .. but the gap between what the game was and what the game could have been was enough to make it a pointless to insist on playing game, the problem wasn't in the lack of user training ..was in the game itself.
Posted 09:42 on 23 January 2011
mikejosh1978's Avatar


As much as Valentino Rossi & co are great to watch these games are either too easy or just too damn hard to play , particularly whilst using ps3's massive deadzone thumbsticks .
Does anyone actually buy these games ?
Posted 20:00 on 30 November 2010

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Release Date: 15/05/2011
Publisher: Black Bean
Genre: Racing
Rating: PEGI 3+
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