PES 2010 screenshot
PES 2010 screenshot

According to PES series producer Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka this year's instalment in the PES franchise will offer improvements over the 2010 game on many levels.

Fans can expect graphical and gameplay enhancements, with the development team having gone back to the drawing board to rethink their core concepts and ideas which have remained the same for over a decade.

Without giving too much away, Seabass said that up until the development of PES 2011 the team had a "Famicom-like" belief that good controls meant fast player movement, which had lead to more recent releases feeling too fast. The speed of players is one area Seabass and the team are tuning during development.

Even with the promise of much change, the game is still expected this November/December, and is currently 30 per cent complete.

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karimano24's Avatar

karimano24@ che_don_john

i have been playin pes for years and ill tel you exactly what the problem is. pes was so good in he past because it focused on acurate gameplay and player movement not graphics while fifa was always trying to make its game look better which resulted in crap game play. fifa should have never been allowed to copy pes and i have no idea why pes programers wanted to make its pro evolution soccer look and run like fifa!!?? for 2011 pes should go back to pes 2009 gameplay and graphics with incresed speed new tricks and a few neat touches here and there with fully licensed treams and competitions and bingo u got a winner again! if pes want to get in touch wi me my add
Posted 13:49 on 20 August 2010
che_don_john's Avatar


I must echo these last few comments. PES 5 & 6 (I think they were essentially the same) were the pinnacle of football games. They combined the rigtht amount of realism with what is most important - fun, challenging gameplay!

EA and Konami seem to have forgotton that their games need to be fun. FIFA 10 was good, but it was also very boring and lacked character. PES now favours lazy players who just want to pick Messi and Ronaldo and run through your whole team.

I saw an extract from a magazine which apparently was Seabass' appeal to crticis for ideas, and their responses. They were requesting things like a feature where you can berate the referee, with the hope that he will be give more decisions your way; or, a feature where a player in your team can give his team mate a rollocking (automatically, not in your control) and affect their form.

These are not the changes we're looking for, Seabass! Yes, it might make it realistic, but it wrestles control and autonomy away from the player. PES was always about control - if you did something great it was you that did it. If you messed up, it was your fault. If they start introducing these random elements, how can it be a level playign field?

Seriously, Seabass. I'll work for you for free and help turn the series around - listen to the real fans, those who started with ISS Pro Evolution. Or, at the very least, dig out PES 6 and start again from there.
Posted 15:12 on 19 April 2010
clangod's Avatar

clangod@ Rickitis

I totally agree with your comments about PES5. I think it was the last football game I can remember enjoying totally. Both Fifa and PES have seemed to suffer a decline in playability over the years (for me anyway). This is why I have been trying to decide on PES or Fifa for a while now.

Long story short, I have decided to go with PES10. It just seems to suit better. The gameplay seems tighter and it looks decent enough.

Fifa just didn't seem to feel right to me. The control seemed a bit loose but it also looked good.

Fifa is a good game and probably overall more popular than PES. I may pick Fifa up one of these days but until then I guess I can settle for PES.

It's been a hard decision.
Posted 09:56 on 10 February 2010
Rickitis's Avatar


Yes PES 6 would be very dated but I think Konami should go back to that version and improve it (is what I meant). I just feel PES is now so far from the quality it used to be going back to the best version and then improving upon it seems like the only logical answer.

I was playing PES 5 again recently and its such a great game with superb gameplay it really took me back to when I loved football games. Its just such a shame now that the series has gone dramatically downhill. Dont get me wrong Fifa is good but my heart will always be with PES and I hope they make a great new next gen version of PES which can really take on Fifa, I just dont see it happening anytime soon :(
Posted 22:13 on 09 February 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Rickitis

PES6 would be very dated now. I think if they could mix certain aspects of both Fifa and PES it would be awesome. Fifa's animations, 360 degree control, skill moves with PES's graphics, master league and tactical awareness/controls. New gameplay would be needed though as neither of them are very good in that respect. I thought Fifa10 was awesome for about 3 hours then you can see the flaws standing out and they just get worse the more you play it. I think 09 is actually the better game because it quite simply has less flaws.
Posted 20:58 on 09 February 2010
Rickitis's Avatar


Its such a shame that PES has suffered so much of a decline with this generation of consoles. Konami really should bring back the EXACT gameplay from PES 6, improve the graphics and go from there - thats what the fans want.
Posted 20:24 on 09 February 2010
Wido's Avatar


Nah, I will pass methinks. Even though I do have PES2010. I will be sticking with FIFA from now on for the football games.
Posted 18:59 on 09 February 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I hope it is brilliant, then I go to Canada, find the Fifa making department of EA sports and beat the lead developer to death with my copy of Fifa10.
Posted 18:36 on 09 February 2010
ghuk's Avatar


What a load of codswallop. That's EXACTLY the same message that Seabass & Konami have promised for the last 3 years and they just havent delivered. Seriously, dont worry about improving the graphics, just sort out the gameplay. Its been all over the place since Pro Evo 6, you bunch of muppets!!!!!
Posted 18:26 on 09 February 2010


too little to late RIP Pes
Posted 16:09 on 09 February 2010
Rickitis's Avatar


Updated visuals and gameplay! Wow! This is going to be amazing! :D
Posted 16:06 on 09 February 2010
dudester's Avatar


Updated visual and gameplay sorry but that doesn't exactly sound too ambitious surely thats the minimum they would be aiming for?
Posted 15:22 on 09 February 2010

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