PES 2009 looks to be getting PES back on the right track
PES 2009 looks to be getting PES back on the right track

PES 2009 looks to be getting PES back on the right track

PES 2009 is under pressure, and Konami knows it. It knows that last year's effort was a disappointment, suffering from technical problems and complaints surrounding the more arcadey gameplay. PES fans want, indeed demand, better. And if they don't get what they want then it may, dare we say it, be time to switch over to the dark side. But fear not virtual football fans. In Konami's behind closed doors booth at Games Convention in Leipzig we got our grubby mits on an Xbox 360 pad and challenged the Japanese publisher's UK representative to a few games and discovered that lessons have clearly been learnt.

The first thing we were told by the Konami rep is that the frame rate issues that plagued the last game are completely gone. Well thank God for that. Fans will remember that the PS3 version in particular suffered from game breaking slowdown whenever the action approached the penalty area. The Xbox 360 version wasn't without its problems either, although it was a much smoother experience. But the fact is that it was a stuttering, annoying mess.

Well it's all gone. Completely gone. We played match after match on the Xbox 360 version and didn't spot a hint of slowdown. It all runs in what looks like gorgeous 60 frames per second graphical goodness, which delighted us, and we're sure will delight anyone who loves the series.

It's all down, we're told, to Pro Evolution Soccer creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka concentrating almost exclusively on the 'next-gen' versions of the game this time around. He himself admitted in the wake of the wave of criticism that followed the release of PES 2008 that the team wasn't well equipped to deal with multiplatform development. Well, instead of deciding to get better at it Konami has simply decided to negate the issue by focusing on the PS3 and 360 versions of the game, putting the other versions on the back seat or indeed farming them out to external developers. The best thing? The frame rate issues have been completely eradicated from both versions of the game, our Konami rep assures us. So PS3 owners will have just as good a game of football as their 360-owning gaming cousins.

Visually it looks a lot like last year's game

Visually it looks a lot like last year's game

Which is great, because PES 2009 plays a better game. We quite liked PES 2008's gameplay, in that it was a lot better than Pro Evo 6 - the one with the overpowered Adriano. But 2009 feels even better. It actually feels more akin to Pro Evo 5, in that the speed of the game has been reduced and players are no longer the dribbling machines they have been in recent years. It's much harder to keep hold of the ball now, and, therefore, much easier to take the ball away by pressing. This forces you to think creatively with passing, much more than in recent years. No longer will you be able to bomb it down the wing, twisting up the entire opposition team before rifling a shot into the top corner. Now, you'll need to build up intricate moves, select your passing carefully (accurate passing is a lot harder) before threading the killer through ball. Creating space is of vital importance, because you're quickly hounded by the opposition AI.

Once you get into a scoring position, you'll find the keepers vastly improved. In our play tests we noticed that the keepers didn't fumble quite as many shots as in the last game. This is down to a GK AI improvement, but also better shooting. You won't always hit the ball straight at the keeper now, so scoring cheap rebound goals won't be as frequent.

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Posted 19:39 on 23 January 2009
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pes 2009 is almost exactly the same game as 2008 its all over the place, i have been a PES fan for years and did not go anywhere near FIFA, but i bought both pes2009 and fifa 09 n fifa absolutly destroys PES its so arcade like and unrealistic and the become a legend mode is a joke an absolute rip off of fifa's be a pro!! the game play is terrible and the transfers are so back dated....bently is at blackburn...i mean that deal was done at the beggining of the transfer window its awul!! o and the grpahics are ogood close up but form far away every player looks the same! l
Posted 17:40 on 29 October 2008
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Online on the 360 is a laggy mess. I have played 4 games against my mate and I got dicked 4 times due to stuttery moments where my player had the ball, then the next minute he was miles away and my mate had the ball and slotted it thru for another goal!

The game (offline) is the best on the 360 though. Become a Legend mode breaths new life into it!!
Posted 10:36 on 19 October 2008
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Posted 13:48 on 15 October 2008
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Just spent a week or so playing the demo of PES 2009 on the XBox 360 and I gotta say... I hope the finished game is better. I'm excited by the Legends mode, but the normal game is still very flawed (the AI of your team mates is dreadful at times) and the masters league, from what I've read, is going to be as crap as the last few versions.

Sigh... I'd quite happily substitute these fancy new graphics (for the cut scenes, game looks the same only it doesn't stutter anymore) for a game that doesn't make me want to tear my arms off and throw them at the TV.

Right, off to my anger management meeting...
Posted 02:21 on 11 October 2008
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why cant a simple man like myself find a simple verdict on 09. the broken culture of pes on ps3 needs the kiss of life. i really dont wanna touch fifa,
Posted 12:12 on 06 October 2008
rockyraccoon's Avatar


just been playingthe demo for pes 2009. its a bit like a girl with a padded bra. lots of hype and it looks fantastic but once you get down to it your left disappointed and fankly quite cheated.
i know its early days and only a demo, but why are the keepers so sh!t?? why can they not seem to get this right? and is it just me or is the gameplay nowhere near as smooth as previous versions?
Posted 21:47 on 02 October 2008
P_J's Avatar
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been playing the 360 demo this morning,has that old pes feeling,player settings manual is a complete different thing,play the ball and the comp runs of with it if you don't switch player
great graphics fast gameplay,Fifa09 is sloooooow.
Keepers are still rubbish
hopefully the comments are better,the manager himself is a real worcaholic, still runs trough my mind
Hope the online bit is good
all to gether pleased
Posted 18:33 on 02 October 2008
allaboutpes6's Avatar
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Pes 6 on ps2 - best footie game of all time to date.
Pes 2008 on ps3 - most disappointing footie game of all time (after all the hype).
All Xbox versions - not the same feel as the playstation. Not as satisfying when you score. Hard to explain but don't like them. Much better online facility though.

Bottom line - Still playing pes 6 on ps2 with update file bought off ebay each season for a fiver. Much cheaper than buying the latest pes, which is probably sh*te anyway. Might try pes 9 from Blockbuster, but can almost guarantee I'll be back on 6 again shortly after.
Posted 15:38 on 02 October 2008
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what i'm about to say is going to annoy ALOT of people, but here goes...i think the best pes ever was pes 4. i think they hit the peak with that game. i remember finally being able to master curled shots at my mates house and shoving it in his face, then finally pulling it off in a proper game. brilliant.

but seriously i think the game was spot on and moving in the right direction. as of 3 they had started getting licenses for teams and footballs, the gameplay was improved from 3 and overall, as i said earlier, was the best pes in my opinion. now i believe in change if something is drab and not doing too well anymore, but changing for the sake of it is pointless to me. case in point: i REALLY, REALLY hate the running animations from 2008, especially the sprinting ones. and it looks like they have made a comeback in 2009 having watched some trailers. another thing, i can't for the life of me understand why konami seem to think that, say you finish with the inside of your foot ala thierry henry, the ball spins opposite to the way it should. that has cost me countless goals by mere inches.

i'm actually guilty of making a full switch to fifa 08 as a direct result of konami's inability to create a game that even remotely suggests they are in touch with modern day football. fifa may have it's flaws (and there are MANY), but i generally enjoyed playing it more than i have a pes for the last 3 or so years. let's hope 2009 is a much immproved effort. thanks for reading.
Posted 18:06 on 29 September 2008
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as many fans would agree pes 2008 is by far the worst so far well ps3 any way i like many other fans will be eagerly awaiting both demo and full release of pes 2009 and i am refusing to be suckered into the fifa situation whitch have played the demo is not nearly as good as pro 3
Posted 21:29 on 24 September 2008
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I think PES09 will pretty much be a version of PES5 with better Graphics.. In other words, what PES08 should have been. Slower and yet more Responsive, the way a Football Sim should play -as- PES6 was too fast if only slightly, and PES08 was ridiculously fast.

PES09 will re-affirm the series. However, Konami needs to come up with something "Revolutionary" for 2010, a Next Gen Engine could do the trick..
Posted 02:56 on 17 September 2008
nobbysbuts's Avatar
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hi anonymous, thanks for the info I have actually ordered the j league we club championship for my modded ps2.Is there alot of difference in play between pes 2008 on the ps2 and the j-league cc game? i ordered it to pass the time till 2009 comes out and from what your saying the ps2 version of 2009 will be amazing
Posted 16:38 on 16 September 2008
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If you cant wait buy j league we club championship 2008 on the ps2 to taste this magic but stop worrying and speculating about pes 2009 the asian league version shot strait to number one in the japanese game charts on release for good reason. Fifa be afraid be very afraid KONAMI ARE BACK AND DOING IT THERE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 19:15 on 15 September 2008
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Its comparable to the gameplay of konamis perfect striker games on the n64 fluid seamless and hardcore.konami have given it back to the real player thanks in part to a good european cup which was played how football should,quick,lots of long passes and plenty of goal mouth action,im sure people will still mone but i dont think it gets any better ive waited nine years for a game this deep with every year pes improving now we have the definitive pes.......Dopecoil
Posted 19:08 on 15 September 2008

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