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Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot
Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot

Blueside has released new in-game footage of Kingdom Under Fire II. The footage incorporates new elements that have never been seen before, shedding more light on the gameplay.

Glen, born between a human general and an Elven knight, (Gerald and Ellen from “The Crusaders”) makes his return in this trailer. The half-elf warrior displays his combat prowess as he fights hoards of enemies and is able to perform a variety of vicious attack combos and brutal execution moves in real time during gameplay.

The video also introduces characters Olivia, an Elven officer with a calm manner, and Kenton, the Dwarf warrior with a gigantic two-handed axe. As companion heroes that will aid Glen, they each have their own fighting style as they wield their unique weapons.

Massive battles, however, are not only fought with soldiers and weapons, but also with monsters, war machines made of steel, and fiery magic spells. The Giant Scorpions ferociously attack enemies with their deadly claws and tail. The organ cannons fire brimstone on the Orcs and Ogres, and the battlefield is hurled into further chaos as meteors fall from the sky and the streams of lava tear the ground apart.

Kingdom Under Fire II is scheduled for release in 2010 for PC and Xbox 360.

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