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Kameo: Elements Of Power screenshot

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at last week's Develop conference in Brighton, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton hit out at reports suggesting Xbox 360 launch titles Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero bombed at retail.

"One of the things that I always find funny is when people always quote Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero as being flops at the launch of the 360," said Burton. "In the industry if you break even you're lucky, you're in the minority. If you make a decent amount of money you're really in the minority. You're in the top percentile. Those two games made a lot of money. For the install base they sold phenomenally well. Kameo is still selling now."

This is certainly good news for Rare fans who are waiting for new instalments in the two franchises - strong sales always helps the case for making a sequel.

For more from Rare's Nick Burton head over to part one of our week-long interview, from which you'll be led effortlessly into part two and part three.

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otakugamergt's Avatar
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Kameo is an excellent game. PDZ... not too much.
Posted 01:42 on 08 August 2008
burko's Avatar
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Both are very good, well-reviewed games that for some reason, it's just trendy to bash. Both still hold up well now. Not quite at the level of a Bioshock or some such, but these are solid, good-looking titles with good gameplay, and they're a great value for the price you can currently get them at.
Posted 15:06 on 07 August 2008
Brad's Avatar
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Kameo was a good game, but Perfect Dark was full of problems and bad design. I ended up buying both but I never finished Perfect Dark as I found it just too disappointing.

I have heard there is a Kameo 2 in the works. My son loves the game and I know he will really want it. I would love if they did a good game of Perfect Dark, but at this point it would have to be really good before I would buy it.
Posted 15:00 on 07 August 2008
wyp100's Avatar


that doesn't mean you won't ;)
Posted 20:49 on 06 August 2008
what?'s Avatar
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They've sold so well that we've heard absolutely nothing about sequels for either of them.
Posted 20:48 on 06 August 2008

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