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UPDATE 2: Simply Games has delivered copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to customers three days ahead of the game's global release.

UPDATE 1: Simply Games has deleted its Facebook post promising to deliver Black Ops 2 early, and removed a banner on its website which stated "Play it TOMORROW!!". The banner now reads "Despatched within 24 hours".

An image of Simply Games' original post can be found below.

ORIGINAL STORY: Online retailer has stated that it plans to break the street date of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by telling customers that it can offer "guaranteed Monday delivery" of Treyarch's upcoming shooter.

"The vast majority of customers" may even receive their copy tomorrow, the retailer says.

Black Ops 2, which doesn't officially go on sale until next Tuesday, November 13, is in stock now on the retailer's website and shipping today.

The retailer posted on its Facebook page that any orders "placed before 4.30pm today will be dispatched today for likely delivery via royal mail tomorrow or Monday.

"Express orders will be guaranteed Monday delivery. Thankyou SimplyGames Team."

It's unusual for a retailer to openly advertise that it intends to break a game's street date. Retailers can often be penalised for selling titles early.

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Early copies of Black Ops 2 are already being sold via eBay, with bids upwards of $300. One copy of the game allegedly went for more than $8,000.

Source: Facebook

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User Comments

rbevanx's Avatar


I think it's bad enough when they do this, but boasting it is out of order and unfair on the other shops etc who abide by the rules.

I hope they get a big fine at the very least, as that what happend to Blockbuster when I worked there when they rented a film out early.
Posted 11:46 on 11 November 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Pretty sure I could have walked into my local indie and picked this up last Wednesday, he always breaks street date, in fact he probably has to just to compete with the bigger guys who also break street date. The difference is they just don't advertise the fact.
Posted 11:43 on 11 November 2012
Wido's Avatar


Wow, just read the update. I can see Simplygames is going to have a nice chat with Activision on Monday morning.
Posted 16:39 on 10 November 2012
Wido's Avatar


Lol! I'll be grabbing it either Tuesday with a hour to spare from work, GAME does shut at 6 right? If not, then after I finished work on Wednesday.
Posted 16:55 on 09 November 2012


It isn't most retailers not choosing to break the street date, it's that Activision won't let them. For the past couple of years, they haven't allowed online retailers to dispatch copies before Monday and I expect next year Activision will ensure SimplyGames abide by this.

Edit: They've now remove the post stating that you'd have it tomorrow.
Posted 16:10 on 09 November 2012
sam4xe's Avatar


SimplyGames are well know for delivery delays,so i`m sceptical that many(if any) will get the game early. Shopto have also stated that they will not break the street date.
Posted 15:54 on 09 November 2012
TOMBOY25's Avatar


both simply games and shopto have ALWAYS delivered games before release date hence there popularity, this isnt anything unusual for such a huge release.
Posted 14:54 on 09 November 2012

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