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Super Mario 3D World screenshot

Super Mario 3D World has entered the Japanese video game chart at No.2 shifting just 99,588 units, according to data released by Media Create.

Sadly for Nintendo the release of a new Mario game didn't spark a huge demand for the Wii U, with console sales up from 15,906 to only 21,002 units. Life to date Wii U sales in Japan are only 1,190,956.

The latest title featuring the plumber and supporting cast was easily beaten to the top spot by Square Enix's Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, which sold 277,082 units on PS3.

Whilst this looks like a success next to Mario, looking back over the series' history tells a different story. Final Fantasy XIII sold 1.5 million copies in its first week, whilst FF XIII-2 sold just over half a million copies on PS3 in its opening week. That's some series franchise decline.

It's also worth noting that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have now sold over three million copies in Japan.

Source: NeoGAF

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edwinc's Avatar


However, you might also say that a portion of the people who bought the Wii Party U Bundle, knew that it was the cheaper option, knowing that Mario 3D world would come out shortly after, so that they could buy that as well. On the week ending the 3rd of November, Wii Party U stimulated hardware sales leading to 40'000 units sold, the week after, Wii Party U was starting to drop, and Wii U sales were down to 16'000 units. Week ending 17th November was 15'000 units. So rounding it to the 24th of November, that would be 21'000 units (a 6000 increase) like you say. It certainly doesn't look good if Wii Party U is considered more important than Mario 3D world, but as I said, consumers could have bought the Wii Party U bundle as a cheap option, knowing that 3D world would come out in a couple of weeks. It's the sensible option because you get more for your money. Wii U is also the top selling system in Japan for week ending 17th November, at 15'000 units, so mostly everything is doing poorly in Japan. I notice a lot of articles focusing on the problems with Wii U games selling in Japan, but Japan's economy isn't exactly great. On the other hand, the reason Wii U systems and games aren't selling well in Europe, is the high interest in Sony and Microsoft products, which aren't quite as omnipresent in North America, even if it is Xbox territory. Wii Party U didn't do well at all in the US, and that's probably because the US market recognizes big names, so 3D world should do much much better there.
Posted 03:28 on 28 November 2013
smackybumbum's Avatar


A little part of me died. Come on people give Nintendo some love!
Posted 20:26 on 27 November 2013

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