watch dogs preview111111 -
watch dogs preview111111 -

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Watch Dogs look "identical" to one another, according to animation director Colin Graham, who believes that players' TVs will make a bigger difference to the way the game looks than either of the two consoles.

"We have a partnership with Sony to promote this game. That's why we're here showing it this way," Graham told at a recent preview event explaining why only the PS4 version was on hand to media.

"The Xbox One version is good. I check it on the floor a lot. Animation-wise it's identical, absolutely identical. I know people talk about that a lot... But I can't tell the difference when I go on the floor. I have to look at the consoles because the TVs make a bigger difference in terms of what you see on somebody's machine. Is it calibrated correctly? Is it the resolution of the TV? Which kind of TV is it? I actually can't tell the difference on those two [consoles]. As far as I can see they're identical.

"And on the assets side where we work, they're absolutely identical. It's completely transparent to us. The only difference is the icon on the screen."

Graham's remarks follow comments made by cinematics animation lead Lars Bonde earlier this month who said that the PS4 version of Watch Dogs "will run in full HD" 1080p.

Ubisoft has yet to confirm the game's native resolution on Xbox One, but earlier rumours suggest it may run at 960p.

To hear more about what Steve thought of Watch Dogs after going hands on earlier in the month, check out his preview.

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They get the info from Digital Foundry, who say the frame rate is similar but suffers a bit on Xbox One and that the PS4 has slightly better digital effects to make it look smoother. They highlight that there isn't much of a difference, but the frame rate on XBO suffers a little more when there is a lot going on in the game world. Hardly 'garbage'

Interestingly, they also say that the PC has issues, too, even with high end hardware, and the PS4 is the most stable build.

"Although by no means a consistent companion throughout the game, the additional tearing on Xbox One in combination with the nips and tucks to image quality conspire to strip away a little of the polish and sheen that makes the PS4 game feel so solid. However, we should stress that the gameplay remains mostly unaffected. Only in pitched battle outside in the city streets do we find any tangible difference in the feel of play."
Posted 09:41 on 29 May 2014
chris9's Avatar


I just read this....that basically says that the frame rate is garbage on the xbox compared to the PS4.....
Posted 05:56 on 29 May 2014
Nades's Avatar


Well, I have mine ordered on Xbox One. Hoping I don't regret not getting it for PS4.
Posted 19:52 on 26 April 2014
yuukorin's Avatar

yuukorin@ RaiTheNoblesse

Umm are you kidding? Ubisoft is using the extra RAM and CPU power to make the city alive. Every person you walk by has a layered backstory that can lead to an infinite amount of side missions. Plus, every NPC reaction is different. They are using the extra power not just to make the *people* more realistic, but also the city in general. Lighting is better, wind/rain/weather effects are realistically generated throughout the whole city, taking into account everything like building placement, trees, etc. (important because chicago is the windy city). Also just fyi, there are NO loading screens in watch dogs (confirmed). In none of the videos are there any noticeable pop-ins, the smoke effects in the latest video look great.
Posted 14:12 on 26 April 2014
SpudMcGrud's Avatar


As usual, another comment section full of Butt hurt Muppets.
Posted 13:32 on 26 April 2014
MarCUZ10's Avatar


Personally, I am waiting for the Wii U version. I like higher res, framerate, etc. but gameplay is what it is all about.
Ubisoft always tries to take advantage of a system's capabilities and they are the last big 3rd-party publisher to not completely give up on the Wii U. For those that own a Wii U and either a PS4 or X1, vote with you wallet.
Posted 17:42 on 25 April 2014
justerthought's Avatar

justerthought@ DeadlySinz86

Why do we think we know better? It's called experience and having the brains to study the hardware tech available. We have no axe to grind and nothing to gain by giving our predictions, but the devs have everything to loose and will play down differences so that game sales are not affected. It's all about money.

Nobody is paying me for commenting and I give you my computer science expertise for free. What you do with that info is up to you. You can Google any tech issues I bring up and check confirmation. It's basic computer science but I try to explain it in layman terms so it's easy to digest without having to be an expert.
Posted 00:20 on 25 April 2014
RaiTheNoblesse's Avatar


so Ubisoft couldn't use the extra RAM (or power)? or what??.. (ok, the animations look the same, ..what about loading times, framerate, pop-ins, light/smoke/particle effects ect. ect.?...)
Posted 19:52 on 24 April 2014
DeadlySinz86's Avatar

DeadlySinz86@ RoadShow

Where did you read that anywhere in that article? People like you are the reason the gaming industry is going down the ***** shoot.

You're given the facts by the people working on the title and still feel like you know more than they do. Seriously, stop talking out your ass because no one is buying it but you.
Posted 19:22 on 24 April 2014
RoadShow's Avatar


They are identical! Except PS4 has FAR better resolution, better frames per second and overall better stability.

Oh and free exclusive content.
Posted 17:21 on 24 April 2014
justerthought's Avatar

justerthought@ YoDizzle

Exactly. PS3 3rd party ports where the same res as the 360. The 360 faked extra sharpness and saturation by artificially boosting the contrast, burning out the highlights and crunching the shadows. PS3 just suffered minor frame rate drops and a little more screen tear. That was enough for the xbots to go crazy about the difference and gloat how important it was. Now that we have a huge difference, they are telling us it does not matter. Yes the 3rd party PS3 gap did matter and the XB1 gap matters even more. A lot more.
Posted 09:26 on 24 April 2014
justerthought's Avatar


Isn't it strange when a dev has to start making excuses by saying "I cannot tell any difference, they look identical." You only say that if they are different and you want to lessen the impact for the XB1 players, so that they still buy the game and don't complain. The statement is really muddy because he starts off saying he's an animation guy and that it's the animations that are identical. No specific mention about the graphics being identical.

Blaming the TV is a classic. That's like saying there is no point remastering a CD to improve the sound because there are people with crap sound systems that cannot even hear the original in quality. Ofcourse a gamer using a 720p TV is not going to see any difference in resolution. Youtube HD comparisons using heavy compression also kills detail and will make them look the same. But those with a high quality 1080p HD TV will see it.

The words are carefully chosen to give the impression he is referring to the graphics but he never mentions it specifically, so that if there is a back lash later on, he can truly say he never lied and was referring to the animations. Ofcourse the animation will be the same. it does not take much clout to get that right.

It will be interesting to see how the XB1 performs. I suspect it won't be a crisp 1080p and will not have high quality bokeh depth of field blur like the PC and PS4. It will probably have a cheapo photoshop type gaussian blur with no bright highlight blob patterns that you get with a real camera lens. That may fool uneducated kids who are not very observant, but not those who have an appreciation of good graphics and a knowledgeable keen eye for detail.
Posted 08:57 on 24 April 2014
netnow66's Avatar


I own both systems and I prefer to play multiplats on the console that showcases the game better. Typically, in my opinion, the PS4 is going to do that better. Now I know some of you either can't see the graphical differences, or don't care about the differences; that's fine. But that's you. Some of us can see the differences and it does matter. And, if everything else is equal, it makes no sense to me to buy a game on a system that is going to do a second-class job on the graphics.
Posted 06:14 on 24 April 2014
YoDizzle's Avatar


The only silliness is you people trying to downplay it. Where was all this talk last gen when the differences where even less technically than they are now? Now that the X1 versions are usually inferior. Resolution doesnt matter. You people are so fake and obvious
Posted 01:21 on 24 April 2014
hardrockr1979's Avatar


You're a fool. I have a 65" Sony XBR, there's not that big of a difference. I have PS4, but 900p to 1080p during gameplay is barely noticeable. That's cool you think you're cool though, 60" TV guy. Is that on a Vizio or Asus?:)
Posted 22:54 on 23 April 2014

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