Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

Watch Dogs will run at 30FPS on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, creative director Jonathan Morin has told

"Right now the frame rate we're focussing on [is] a steady 30[FPS]," said Morin speaking to us at Eurogamer Expo this afternoon. "There's always a balance, especially for open world, between the simulation and the rest.

"I think for where we are, the most important thing is the steadiness and [ensuring] that it's always capped the same so when you play it it feels right."

Despite confirming the frame rate, though, Morin could not confirm the game's native resolution on next-gen platforms, claiming that he didn't know whether the game would run at 720p or 1080p.

Watch Dogs launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PC & Xbox One on November 22. A PlayStation 4 version is due to follow on November 29.

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User Comments

RazorGecko's Avatar


Actually 30fps doesn't soudn that good :/ Hope that it will look alright!
Posted 21:19 on 01 October 2013
DarthAdrian's Avatar


This entire Ps4 Xbox One difference has been blown way out of proportion. Multiplats will look the same because of the limitations of the hardware on BOTH consoles, which are a joke compared to PC. You want to see 60fps as standard go to PC. Which BTW, is where this game and other multiplats will really look as they should. Both XBOX 1 and PS4 can handle 60fps, but it will not be standard, because frankly developers do not think it is worth the time to make every console game on next gen 60fps, and the hardware, again, cannot handle it properly.
Posted 16:22 on 30 September 2013
justerthought's Avatar


I'm glad they locked it at 30fps, because I don't want to be seeing anymore Ubisoft screen tear on next gen. There is no excuse now with the power of the PS4, but I do wonder if the PS4 will be gimped down to XB1 level so they both look the same. That would be a real shame. Once the AAA 1st party games arrive, we will have a better idea which devs are gimping the PS4.
Posted 00:08 on 28 September 2013

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