Watch Dogs screenshot
Watch Dogs screenshot

Ubisoft is selling over twice as many units on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One, figures from the company have revealed.

As detailed in the company's latest sales report, 36 per cent of its total Q1 sales came from PlayStation 4 titles, with Xbox One making up just 17 per cent.

The difference is almost certainly down to the launch of Watch Dogs, which sold almost 50 per cent of its copies on PS4 during its opening week and was heavily supported by Sony.

However, the percentage for both platforms has more than doubled since Ubisoft's last quarter, where 13 per cent of Ubisoft's sales came from PS4 and 7 per cent from Xbox One.

Latest official figures pin Xbox One as having shipped over 5 million units since its launch last November with PlayStation 4 sales standing at over 7 million. It was revealed yesterday, meanwhile, that Watch Dogs had sold in over 8 million units.


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Zinga! You're the queen of over reactions aren't you. Now I would have taken you seriously if we were talking 100% install base on both platforms.. But we're not. It's 50% on PS4 so so in theory, the xboners could have bought Watch_Dogs, wed be seeing similar numbers negating the requirement for this article.
Posted 07:14 on 12 July 2014
Tankypoo's Avatar


I have most systems including PS4, Xbone and WII U. if games are multi platform then i would go first with PS4 then Xbone - unless of course the game is exclusive. I have watch dogs on PS4 and i think the game doesn't come close to the E3 presentation of 2013. Very disappointed in the game, which I didn't buy it, but its in the collection now. I think once more games comes out for each system then more systems will sell for the xbox - but every time you hear ps4 60 fps and 1080p why would you buy the xbox version at 900p at 60 fps. Everyone wants the best - cough cough get a PC then lol.
Posted 06:56 on 12 July 2014
Brazmanoqk's Avatar


It seems as though history's repeating itself from last generation just with the platforms switched around. From what I could tell, the Playstation 3 turned its fortunes around towards the end so I wonder whether the Xbox One can pull the same trick? It'll require some nifty tricks and gimmicks but I think they've got the money and about enough savvy to win people over eventually. Having said that, I love Halo as much as I love Uncharted so I'll probably buy both whatever happens.
Posted 00:13 on 12 July 2014
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The gap is only going to widen as time goes on. The Xbox One hasn't seen a huge boost in sales even with the price match. It's going to be really tough for Microsoft to catch up at this point. Even with some killer exclusives they'd be hard pressed to pass Sony.
Titanfall didn't really help all that much despite being a highly touted & no doubt expensive "exclusive" for them and Halo 5 is a year away. There's not too many true exclusives in the pipe line either. They screwed themselves over when they shuddered most of their internal game studios after the Xbox 360 took off. They relied on COD and their 3rd parties to pick up the slack & it worked for that past generation. Well now they have nothing to differentiate themselves from Sony as Sony have pretty much kept most of their internal studios from the PS2/PS3 era and within the next 12-18 months you will see a deluge of 1st party offerings.
I like Phil Spencer but he's got his work cut out for him thanks to that idiot Don Mattrick!!
Posted 21:05 on 11 July 2014


I don't think this is too shocking because a lot of PS4 preorders would have been for Watch_Dogs (which is what I was going to do but went for KZ:SF instead), while Xbone owners would have been aiming for Titanfall.

Will be interesting to see if the trend continues for Ass Creed and FC4 though, especially now the Xbone's getting cheaper and the WiiU is looking like a viable option (it is to me anyway!).

Posted 19:13 on 11 July 2014

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