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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports of Tomb Raider will both run at 30 frames per second, executive producer Scot Amos has confirmed.

Confirmation follows comments from Crystal Dynamics last month, which said that it was "still optimizing the game for both platforms and will be doing so until we release to manufacturing so that we get the highest performance possible," leading some to believe that the game could render at 60FPS.

But that isn't the case, Amos told Eurogamer, confirming that the game will run at 1080p/30FPS on both platforms.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is an enhanced version of last year's top action-adventure, featuring improved visuals and a tweaked character model of Lara Croft, plus all of the game's post-release DLC.

The game launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on January 31.


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User Comments

infinite's Avatar


@Dreamcaster - MS really dont want people to know how outgunned the XBOne is… I suspect the MS will be giving incentives to Devs, to make sure the PS4 version isnt better than the XBOne version… its been proven the PS4 can easily get close to, if not smack on the 1080p at 60fps on this type of game, where as the XBOne struggles at the moment for one reason or another…
Posted 22:54 on 20 January 2014
justerthought's Avatar


Well that pretty much seals it. I have every Tomb Raider game right from the start and was a massive fan. The short 20hr gameplay on this game prevented me from buying the PS3, but I was tempted to buy the PS4 version because it would run superb. Now that they have gimped its frame rate to match the weaker XB1, I'm not buying.

Crystal dynamics, your loyalties lie with MS, not your customers, so I'm done with Tomb Raider. I hope MS are giving you plenty of money for keeping them happy because I'm not giving you any of mine.
Posted 21:28 on 20 January 2014
ApeXiTT's Avatar


I like to run some games at 30 frames per second but I also get to control what games run at 30fps on my PC. Consoles suck "Old dated tech" :-p
Posted 17:45 on 20 January 2014
Dreamcaster's Avatar


Digital Foundry's analysis pretty much came to the conclusion that AC 4 could run at 60 fps or close to it on the PS4 but Ubi locked down the frame rate to 30. I'm seriously starting to wonder if these companies are gimping the PS4 versions in order to have console parity.
Posted 17:26 on 20 January 2014
Manguy17's Avatar


That's dissapointing, might as well buy it on the cheap for pc then.
Posted 16:28 on 20 January 2014
rico_rico's Avatar


it will run at 60fps if they didn't put tressfx
Posted 15:43 on 20 January 2014
WhatISayGoes's Avatar

WhatISayGoes@ infinite

That would be 30fps on xbox one, and 60fps on ps4 ;-)
Posted 15:30 on 20 January 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


quite disappointing for next-gen. I also prefer the look of the older Lara compared to this newer touched-up version
Posted 14:21 on 20 January 2014
infinite's Avatar


just release it at the speed each system can handle… if one ends up at a lower FPS or a lower Resolution then so be it… dont hold one back for the other… this should be the way for all systems previous and current… produce it the best you can for each individual system...
Posted 14:00 on 20 January 2014


So not that enhanced then?
Posted 13:29 on 20 January 2014
Bretty's Avatar


I imagine that these next gen remakes will be among some of the first to become PS+ available games that got a disc released, which is fine by me. Still good games.
Posted 12:42 on 20 January 2014

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