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The Last of Us screenshot
The Last of Us screenshot

The Last of Us Remastered is to receive additional add-on content later this year and ship with a toggle to lock the frame rate at 30fps, according to a leaked presentation.

Tweeted by MeriStation journalist Javi Andres, one of the slides states that Naughty Dog has "additional Add-on releases planned for 2014" and that "all Add-on content is 'cross-buy' between PS3 and PS4".

As previously announced, the base game will ship with "all major add-on content" previously released on PS3, including the Abandoned Territories and Reclaimed Territories multiplayer add-ons and Left Behind expansion.

Meanwhile, a second slide suggests that players will be able to “lock frame rate at 30 frames per second”. The game will otherwise render at 1080p/60fps in both single-player and multiplayer.

Further technical improvements found in the Remastered release allegedly include 4x more detailed texture maps, 2x more detailed shadow maps, higher resolution particle effects, occlusion mapping on decals, longer draw distances, better LOD and no texture streaming.

The leak follows comments from PlayStation Australia suggesting that more information on The Last of Us Remastered would be revealed this week.

The game launches in the UK on August 1.

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Source: @javi__andres

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User Comments

TinTin's Avatar

TinTin@ Endless

Doesn't sound too promising if I'm honest.

So if I'm reading between the lines correctly, then 1080p/60 is NOT a locked frame rate but a horrible mess than goes from 60 to say 35, 40 etc (hence the ability to lock it at 30fps)? Unless they give us the option to drop it to 720p and a locked 60fps [good compromise]. Gameplay/performance trumps pretty graphics in 95% of cases in my humble opinion.
A locked 60fps Naughty Dog or no sale...
Posted 17:16 on 16 July 2014
Endless's Avatar


Lock it at 30fps? The only reason you would do that is if the frame rate frequently drops well below 30 when running at 1080p...
Posted 11:09 on 16 July 2014
NickTheSwede's Avatar

NickTheSwede@ Neon-Soldier32

it's probably free stuff for MP, just so people stay and play it.
Posted 10:28 on 16 July 2014


Oh ***** you Naughty Dog. You had to go and ruin it didn't you? As if re releasing a game wasn't greedy enough in itself, but there's more DLC coming out after the remaster is launched.

ND said that there would be 4 pieces of DLC, Left Behind and 3 map packs, but now those who pick up the remastered edition can pay more for some extra content. No doubt it'll be single player so that people will instantly throw their wallets at ND, but it's *****ing gross that ND have done this.

Well done, greed you have prevailed once more.
Posted 09:56 on 16 July 2014

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