Need For Speed Rivals screenshot
Need For Speed Rivals screenshot

Need For Speed Rivals will feature better graphics on one next-gen console than the other, Ghost Games’ executive producer Marcus Nilsson has suggested – but refused to clarify which.

“What we’re seeing with the consoles are actually that they are a little bit more powerful than we thought for a really long time – especially one of them, but I’m not going to tell you which one," Nilsson told at Gamescom earlier today.

“And that makes me really happy. But in reality, I think we’re going to have both those consoles pretty much on parity – maybe one sticking up a little bit. And I think that one will look as good as the PC.”

Nilsson chose not to answer when asked whether he was referring to the PS4 version.

Pushing him on the subject further, I asked: “Does that mean that the PS4 version of Rivals will look better than the Xbox One version?”

“I think that both consoles will look pretty much on parity,” he replied, “but one of them might stick up a little bit.”

Though the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One share similar specifications, PS4 features faster GDDR5 memory over Xbox One’s DDR3.

Nilsson’s comments suggest that third-party developers may be looking to take advantage of the additional power of PS4, rather than deliver identical versions across both platforms.

Need For Speed Rivals will be available at the launch of both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this November.

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justerthought's Avatar

justerthought@ shark974

It's PS4. The comment is designed to prepare you xbox guys for a fall. Breaking it gently to avoid disappointment by planting the seed.

The hidden power they mention is the way the powerful GPU and GDDR5 interact within the PS4 to create performance far in excess of the components on their own. A magnifying affect when used in unison. Sony were cleverer than they thought.
Posted 11:34 on 20 October 2013
justerthought's Avatar

justerthought@ RedavutstuvadeR

A second GPU is old news and has since been discredited. Devs have said no. We even have a screenshot of the internal mother board. No second GPU. Are you suggesting SOC is the second GPU. SOC stands for System On a Chip, meaning an APU containing the CPU and GPU. That's all. I think your desperately looking for some magic sauce as some form of saviour.

Both PS4 and XB1 have an AMD APU (SOC) but Sony has a bigger GPU its APU because MS had to trim theirs down to make room for the ESRAM and move engine chips which are supposed to boost the slow speed of the DDR3 RAM to try and match the PS4 GDDR5 RAM.

I don't know where your getting the dGPU from, but be aware that it may be a virtual GPU existing only in the mind of the move engines chips which is managing small sized data flow between CPU and GPU at high speed via ESRAM. GPU may be used when the real GPU is accessing data from main DDR3 RAM and dGPU may be referring to when the real GPU is accessing date from the ESRAM.

We will soon find out if fairy tales really do come true next month when they launch. MS are very tight lipped over the speck but that may be due to hiding weakness. At present the XB1 seems to be powered by the magic of fairy dust and the infinite power of the cloud. Not very scientific.

Everything is pointing to the fact that XB1 is drastically underpowered and MS are relying on ESRAM and cloud processing to catch up a bit. But recent events have shown that devs (DICE Battelfield 4) seem to be unwilling to put the extra work in to utilise those features. They code the game using a scaleable game engine compatible with all platforms, so it just does not make financial sense to re-write the whole game just for XB1 to make it look better using ESRAM and cloud processing. Echoes of the PS3 CELL are ringing in my ears. Devs are not going to bother. They will just give it the same attention as the rest and release the result. XB1 versions will be sub par compared to PS4.

All these cryptic comments by devs recently are all about preparing all you MS fanboys for a fall. If both consoles were roughly equal they would have made the ports equal, but when one console is way ahead, they are obliged to push it to the max like they do with PC. They want their games to look as good as possible. They are not going to waste huge easy to use resources.

The hint in this article was the comment that the hardware is more powerful than they thought and it will match the PC version. They are saying that from a position where both consoles were assumed to be less than PC and the XB1 was supposed to be less than PS4. One has moved up a peg. For the XB1 to match the PC it would have to move up two pegs. No the PS4 has moved up one peg to match PC. If you look at the PS4 hardware spec, you can clearly see it is closer to the PC spec than the XB1 spec is.

Don't under estimate the GDDR5. It sounds complicated and nerdy so people turn off when they hear it mentioned. But be aware that every gaming PC worth its salts has at least 2GB of fast GDDR5 that the GPU can access when drawing complex graphics. The PS4 has 5.5GB of GDDR5 available to the GPU inside games. The XB1 has zero. ESRAM cannot help here because it is only 32MB. It cannot load the DDR3 RAM with high res textures any faster than the DDR3 RAM can run.

You xbox guys are just going to have to let yourself down gently and prepare for the fall. XB1 will be a great console and have great games, but it is underpowered. The best gaming will be on PS4.

Did you really think Sony would not fix all the problems they had with PS3. Once you have made a mistake, it's easy to fix it. The surprising thing is MS have actually goofed and fell into the same trap. MS have gone for exotic hard to use tech to try deliver powerful performance while saving money. but Sony have bravely bought expensive components that are very powerful, straight forward and easy to code for. And their console has still worked out cheaper at the end.

Sony just can't believe their luck that MS would be so stupid. Of course, with all the u-turns recently, we all know that MS 'can' be so stupid.
Posted 10:48 on 20 October 2013
RedavutstuvadeR's Avatar


@ anyone who thinks I'm crazy, here's some more crazy.
XB1 also has a second unannounced dGPU


Look at a two hard drive pc, it has a master and a slave. These charts hint at another GPU.

This is double the amount for only One GPU.

HINT 4= dGPU (d is for discrete ) would be seperate from The APU's GPU. Even though chatter on the web considers a second graphics prosessor in the XBOX ONE nonesense , hint 1,2 and 3 point to it. But in this 4th HINT i can show you who was working on an APU/dGPU SETUP at AMD with public documentation.
dGPU not mentioned at HOTCHIPS.ORG but may exist according to AMD GPU Engineer Linkedin PG
Vinber Lei
GPU Design Verification Engineer at AMD
Graphics Core IP Design Verification,APU/DGPU
Xbox One,Playstation 4
Posted 20:32 on 29 August 2013
pop_tarts's Avatar

pop_tarts@ JavinatorMLG

Sony has triple A games, you don't need 40 triple A games at launch because you'll probably won't finish them all or even enjoy them let alone buy them all. They are giving you a few triple A games a long with some bite size games to wet your appetite for their next batch of triple A goodness. Be patient young one, the games will come.
Posted 20:25 on 22 August 2013
JavinatorMLG's Avatar


95% of all their games are indie games tho...
Where are the AAA Exclusives? I feel bummed out..

I feel like i'm paying $400 for an Ouya.

I think i'll pass on the "Sony Ouya".
Posted 18:31 on 22 August 2013
SwagLorde's Avatar


Xbox One ~ 1.31 Terflops Single Precision FlOPS
Ps4 ~ 1.84 Teraflops Single Precision FlOPS
Nvidia GTX 780 ~ 4.21 Teraflops Single Precision FlOps

The next gen consoles are no where near the power of a high end PC, showcasing the XB1 on a GTX 780 is incredibly deceptive and quite blatantly used to bolster the somewhat poor original reception of the XB1. Showing XB1 games on 780's would enable Microsoft to directly confront the PS4 with the simple claims that the games would have had a higher level of graphical fidelity.

On a more related note, going on raw compute output the Ps4 is the console with slightly better graphics for this game. (and in general)
Posted 16:49 on 22 August 2013
UrBoiCJ's Avatar

UrBoiCJ@ RedavutstuvadeR

You can't seriously be suggesting that because games were running on a high end PC that's what the Xbox One will be like. I'm sorry but the only way it will run like it has a 780, is if it has a 780 in it. You can argue about getting more power out of the console because of optimisation, but it will never reach 780 level, it's already a generation behind.
Posted 16:39 on 22 August 2013


Heh... well it seems the President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, himself has re-tweeted this particular article.

Read into that what you will, hmm?
Posted 16:25 on 22 August 2013
callahan09's Avatar

callahan09@ RedavutstuvadeR

Utterly ridiculous. The Xbox One GPU can compute 1.31 TFLOPS, the PS4 can compute 1.84 TFLOPS. There is no argument which has the more powerful GPU. To suggest that the Xbox One's GPU is comparable to a 7990 is insane. The 7990 registers 8.2 TFLOPS of raw compute power. That is literally over 6 times more powerful.
Posted 15:06 on 22 August 2013

BrySkye@ RedavutstuvadeR

Remember at E3 the XB1 game demos were running on very powerful pc dev kits. This is because the XB1 games will run like 780 GTX and 7990 Raedon quality. Thats why Ghost said, "One version will look like the PC".

Erm... yes, they were running on very powerful PC's, but that does not directly translate into being 100% accurate of games running on final Xbox One hardware.
It's fairly common practice at shows like E3 to show console games running on PCs.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 are powered by very similar AMD/ATI GPUs and CPUs, hence why both are generally considered to be very similar. Though the PS4 has the edge, especially with the GPU.

In the case of the PS4, benefits are likely to come from the RAM, as DD5 is more suited to higher resolution textures (hence why just about all PC GPU's now come with DDR5).

The Xbox One, is (apparently) counting on Cloud processing to offload work off the CPU/GPU and this would be the likely source for improved graphics.
However, the benefits of Cloud processing are somewhat doubtful in the context of both latency and that developers cannot depend on it being available 100% of the time or even on all systems now that the console and it's games must be able to function offline.
Posted 13:58 on 22 August 2013
Galford's Avatar


The gamescom demo is running on a PC and you play with a PS4 (!) controller,35769

Shortly after the two minute mark u can see that it is indeed running on a PC.

My guess is: PC > PS4 > Xbox One.
Posted 08:03 on 22 August 2013
liquidboy's Avatar


wasn't NFS shown on Xbox Ones at Gamescom ;)
Posted 06:04 on 22 August 2013
RedavutstuvadeR's Avatar


I'm trying to understand why in the world David Scammell wrote this article to be so subjective (it's not PS4). He is actually talking about XB1, Remember at E3 the XB1 game demos were running on very powerful pc dev kits. This is because the XB1 games will run like 780 GTX and 7990 Raedon quality. Thats why Ghost said, "One version will look like the PC".
Posted 05:55 on 22 August 2013
shark974's Avatar


It actually makes more sense for it to be the Xbox One he's speaking about being surprisingly powerful, since everybody has assumed it would be the weaker console for a long time.

That would be quite a shocker indeed.

It also makes sense because Microsoft just pushed out it's Mono driver, to the metal driver.

Plus the PS4 architecture is pretty straightforward so I dont know how there would be any hidden power there.

Either way Xbox wins though, because even if he's speaking about PS4 breing the superior version, it's still a win for Xbox when he says the difference will be small.

But if he actually means the Xbox version is better, then PS4 just got destroyed.
Posted 05:45 on 22 August 2013


Personally, I'd say he might have already given it away.

When he says
especially one of them
in relation to being
more powerful than we thought for a really long time

We know for a fact that Sony kept the full details of the specs secret from even the developers until the consoles announcement.
Specifically that the RAM was DDR5 and that there was 8GB, when developers had been informed it was only 4GB.

I suspect that particular detail is why Dave also zeroed in on it being the PS4.
Posted 21:53 on 21 August 2013

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