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Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshot
Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshot

The PlayStation 4 has been so carefully designed that developers won't find a performance bottleneck, Michiel Van Der Leeuw, technical director at Guerrilla Games, has told Edge.

"The fact that the best pieces of hardware are also devised from, or optimised versions of, the stuff we find in PCs doesn't make it any less a console," Van Der Leeuw explained. "A PC is a number of parts that also [have] bridges in-between, where there are inefficiencies that may [come in if they're not] exactly the right match."

But with the PS4, Sony has - allegedly - been able to ensure these inefficiencies don't exist.

Van Der Leeuw continued: "We've got the right amount of memory, video card; everything's balanced out. It was a very conscious effort to make sure that – with the speed of the memory, the amount of compute units, the speed of the hard drive – there would not be any bottlenecks.

"I think it was for more than a year that we knew the main ingredients and there was just discussion after discussion trying to find a bottleneck. Take a look at this design; try to find the bottleneck."

PlayStation 4 is expected to launch later this year, with Killzone: Shadow Fall expected to be a launch title. Analysis

That's certainly a bold claim, and it's not likely we'll learn about the PS4's deficiencies – if indeed there are any - until developers start to get to grips with the hardware.

Source: EDGE | Issue 253

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A_Boome's Avatar


Well, some one is lying, Sucker Punch says the PS4 does have a bottleneck.
Posted 02:26 on 15 April 2014
Dwarphkin's Avatar

Dwarphkin@ pblive

Maybe they can bring back Burnout.
Posted 02:21 on 09 April 2013
hurrdedurr's Avatar


the video attached to the article is Killzone: Mercenary for the playstation vita, which obviously doesn't look as good graphically as it's PS4 counterpart.
here is gameplay for Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4:
Posted 00:44 on 09 April 2013


At the moment, the only developer I trust to get the most out of any new hardware (other than the originators) is Criterion. When they get both the Nextboxcand PS4 it will be interesting to hear their thought.
Posted 14:18 on 08 April 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Funny how a first-party studio claims that...! :p
Posted 13:35 on 08 April 2013


Click for Image
Posted 13:05 on 08 April 2013

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