Just Cause 3 screenshot
Just Cause 3 screenshot

The Xbox One version of Just Cause 3 suffers from significant memory leak issues, according to an early technical test from NX Gamer, leading to "incredibly long load times" and problems with the game's AI and physics during extended play sessions.

In fact, playing the game for more than an hour at a time can lead to load times of up almost 15 minutes and issues with the game's performance, with the framerate said to drop as low as 17 frames per second.

Just Cause 3 screenshot

"You do get incredibly long loading times and if you play more than an hour or so it can actually take nearly 15 minutes to reload a save," NX Gamer's video analysis says. "And this just looks like memory leakages where it's clearing out RAM. Some of the AI goes mad, the physics can react really oddly and unfortunately on top of all these problems, the performance with a game that's totally designed around blowing stuff up and having this chaotic… world doesn't perform very well at all.

"In my tests so far we're looking at a low of 17fps, and this can be really bad and compounded by the fact that along with this the actual physics engine itself and animation system then gets slowdown, which is like to a hark back to the old 16-bit days where the whole game just slows down in presentation. Even though the framerate might actually still be hitting 30, it feels like you're running and turning through treacle."

The problems are so bad that "the bugs and issues can actually force you to turn the game off because it frustrates you so much by having to reload saves or, like I say, the few crashes that I've already experienced," NX Gamer adds.

The PS4 and PC versions have yet to be tested, but as previously revealed, the Xbox One version runs at 900p with the PS4 version coming in at 1080p. To see NX Gamer's full early analysis, check out the video below.

Just Cause 3 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC at midnight tonight. Look out for our review soon.

Source: NX Gamer

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Posted 22:38 on 03 December 2015
justerthought's Avatar


I doubt very much that it is a memory leak. Making such a statement is just pure guesswork without having access to the code and running detailed tests. It sounds like blame the dev to make excuses for the lame hardware.

The game is a very complex beast with a lot going on, so it pushes hardware to the max. It takes no prisoners. Even PC gamers who don't have the required grunt are experiencing issues. I'll soon find out what the PS4 makes of it when it finally arrives, but the XB1 was always going to be up against it.

It sounds like we have finally reached the game that shows the flaws in the DDR3 ESRAM choice. The XB1 just cannot get the data off the hard drive and into RAM fast enough for when it is needed by the GPU. The DDR3 is not fast enough to feed the GPU so the fast ESRAM has to constantly swop out data like a buffer. But that process is limited by the speed of the hard drive access speed. Ideally you should access the hard drive as least as possible and work with data in the fast RAM.

PS4 can load a large amount of data from the hard drive into the fast GDDR5 RAM and hold it there while the GPU processes it. That data does not need to be swopped out for other data from the slow hard drive. The XB1 can only hold 32MB of data inside the fast ESRAM so it constantly has to access the slow hard drive to swop out the data in a streaming fashion.

That is where PS4 has the edge. It can process a large amount of data fast without accessing the slow hard drive. This game proves the point with the load times after a death. The player does so much damage to the environment, when he dies, it all has to be reset back to where it was. That means reloading it all back into RAM if it is not already in there.

We know that in the XB1 case, the data is not in there because the fast ESRAM is too small to hold it all. The data in the DDR3 is not the required data because only the slow data can be stored there. The PS4 has a shorter load time because some of the data is still in the fast large volume GDDR5 RAM ready for quick access by the GPU.

No hardware is perfect but the XB1 is particularly weak this gen. The future of gaming is open world games and you need lots of fast RAM for that.
Posted 10:51 on 03 December 2015
Pclm's Avatar


It's pretty smooth so far, hardly any frame loss and I haven't noticed any long loading times. Really good game, been playing for about 3 hours now.
Posted 08:40 on 01 December 2015
Aozora7's Avatar

Aozora7@ VizualDze

Consoles of previous generations were sold at a loss at launch. For example, a PS3 unit cost $840 to produce in 2006.

PS4 and xbone are sold like regular hardware. A similarly priced PC will perform just as well or better.

I guess they could maintain same level of performance if they bother to optimize games better, but "same level" is already sad, seeing as it's 30 FPS at <1080p.
Posted 00:04 on 01 December 2015
VizualDze's Avatar


It's not often mentioned but the part I find most worrying about these type of stories is that we are still early in this generation. Look at games released two years into the 360/PS3 era and then the jump in quality of games at the end of the lifespan of those consoles.

If the Xbox One can't run these games properly, what hope does it have two or three years from now?
Posted 20:59 on 30 November 2015
ZBlacktt's Avatar


There is a day one patch. Seeing this story is before day one.
Posted 19:53 on 30 November 2015
TomatoOstrich's Avatar

TomatoOstrich@ hbkonline

I guess you own an xbox one :D (so do i)
Posted 19:14 on 30 November 2015


these performance issues whilst running at 900p don't bode well for the xbone-if ps4 does manage to maintain 1080p at 30+ frames, how superior will their game line-up need to be to sell a respectable number of units?
Posted 18:11 on 30 November 2015
hbkonline's Avatar


Oh surprise another videogamer.com biased article hoping to fuel more unnecessary debates... Try actually reporting on videogame news instead of unwarranted articles...
Posted 15:59 on 30 November 2015
Xopher's Avatar


Sounds worrying. Have these tests been carried out on multiple devices, or just one?
Posted 13:06 on 30 November 2015

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