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Battlefield 4 screenshot
Battlefield 4 screenshot

Battlefield 4 pre-order customers who received a code to download China Rising with their current-gen copy are not eligible to carry the content over when upgrading to a digital next-gen version, according to various user reports.

EA user buckethead232 and NeoGAF user TheVanillaGorilla both claim to have run into trouble while attempting to download the content after upgrading their physical PlayStation 3 copy of Battlefield 4 to a digital PlayStation 4 copy, and discovering that they are no longer eligible to download the expansion pack provided with their original purchase.

Battlefield 4 screenshot

"I bought BF4 for my PS3, I waited to redeem my download code until after the PS4 came out and I utilized the 10 dollar upgrade to the PS4 version," said buckethead. "I go to download China Rising Today and it wont let me download for free. Start an advisor chat and EA has evidently decided this afternoon that if you took this path to upgrade your game you are out of luck and have to pay 14.99 or buy Premium to get it."

According to an alleged transcript of the conversation between buckethead and EA customer support, EA apologised for the problem but said that it "can't help".

"There are two conditions of getting the China Risings Expansion" the rep is alleged to have said. "1-Customers should have pre-ordered Battlefield 4 for their Next Gen Console at full retail price... OR... 2- Customers should have purchased Battlefield 4 Premium for either their Gen 3 or Gen 4 Console."

The NeoGAF user, meanwhile, claims that EA offered them a 15 per cent voucher "as a token of appreciation" for their trouble. "I can't support that," the user wrote. "Bye bye BF4." Other users also appear to be affected.

If you were one of those hoping to grab China Rising for free after upgrading from current to next-gen, it appears like you may be out of luck. Players who purchased Battlefield 4 Premium on PS3 or Xbox 360 are able to transfer the content over to next-gen, however, including China Rising and all future DLC packs.

Battlefield 4: China Rising launched to all users earlier this week, two weeks after releasing to Premium users. has contacted EA for comment.


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User Comments

Christoph3r's Avatar


"EA apologised for the problem but said that it "can't help"" - please, if they say that tell them it is offensive that they are lying to you. "Can't help" is a lie, it's a CHOICE, they are CHOOSING not to help you, saying they can't is dishonest.

Also, always answer that statement by saying: "please connect me to someone who CAN help me, thank you." Consumers should stop putting up with the bs line "sorry, I can't help you". It's rarely true, and when it is, it's usually just because the person's boss won't let them - what's the point in talking to customer service until you're speaking with someone who can actually help you?
Posted 16:46 on 19 March 2014
Circlestrafe's Avatar


Voted worst company by a bunch of idiots. So they aren't perfect, they're far from the WORST company ever. What about BP? EA is WORSE than BP? Or that peanut processing company that sold contaminated merchandise a couple years back that KILLED people, what about these drug companies who recall drugs because they KILLED or seriously damaged people. Yeah, EA is the worst company. And yeah, 'every other game out there' works...except BF4...another brain dead statement. Although I've rarely had a problem with any game in the past 25+ years. Maybe it's not EA, maybe it's the customers.
Posted 01:26 on 27 December 2013
kut_u_up's Avatar


Redeemed code for the ps4 version and it says I don't have it. Now its saying unavailable. Really wish everything would work just like every other game out there
Posted 23:41 on 26 December 2013
Goopers's Avatar


I've download this game here:
bit. ly/1leBS4q
Download now without surveys.
Posted 06:36 on 25 December 2013
ea_sucks_bad's Avatar


EA was voted the worst company (not gaming company, but company) in the US. Would you expect anything less from them?
Posted 19:24 on 23 December 2013
Hazza1580's Avatar


That's stupid
Posted 12:46 on 21 December 2013
9193bb's Avatar


EA one of a kind
Posted 09:34 on 21 December 2013

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