The first image of Batman: Arkham Knight's Limited Edition has appeared on Amazon – but the statue included in the box may have given away a major plot point in this summer's game.

If you want to go in to Arkham Knight completely spoiler-free, don't scroll any further.

batman arkham11 -

As pictured above, the statue features Batman posing above Gotham City along with a message that appears to read:

"From a Grateful City In Memory of the Gotham Knight"

Amazon's description also refers to the collectible as "an imposing Batman memorial statue commemorating Gotham's protector, the Dark Knight".

Does Batman die in Batman: Arkham Knight? And if so, will you get to play as the Arkham Knight in his place? We'll find out for certain when the game goes on sale on June 2.

For now, though, if you're interested in getting hold of the Limited Edition yourself you can pre-order it from Amazon for £79.99.

UPDATE (7 Jan 09:17): Whoops! Amazon's replaced the spoilerific image of the Limited Edition statue with one that simply reads "The Gotham Knight".

Source: (Thanks, @WesleyImperium)

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EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I reckon they'll kill him off at the very beginning, and then the game will see you playing a flashback and then at the very end Batman is alive and it was all a terrible, terrible dream.

Can you imagine.
Posted 09:48 on 22 January 2015
javier's Avatar


And even if Rocksteady has previously explained that Batman: Arkham Knight is the "epic conclusion" of his trilogy of Batman games, superheroes are never safe from a screenplay pirouette or a return from the dead.

________________________________________ _______
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Posted 11:15 on 21 January 2015
MikeChi63's Avatar


The "Arkham Knight" is a villain created by Geoff Johns specifically for the game. The character is described as a militarized version of Batman, with the "A" logo of the Arkham Asylum facility worn as an emblem on his chest. Images of the Arkham Knight can be found by doing an internet search. Batman will NOT die.
Posted 12:43 on 08 January 2015

Grammartron@ nightwing0987

They've removed the image. As it states in the article.
Posted 17:11 on 07 January 2015
nightwing0987's Avatar


Either Amazon removed that image or the pic you have is photoshopped.
Posted 16:40 on 07 January 2015


Actually he's died in both the films and comics over the last five years - in both cases it wasn't genuine, it was either deliberate misdirection (Dark Knight Rises), or him being transported to another time/place and being presumed dead (Batman R.I.P.), so this isn't *necessarily* as spoilery as it first appears.

Either way seems like a colossal balls-up to let something like this out into the wild this far ahead of the game's release!
Posted 09:27 on 07 January 2015
Ephidel's Avatar


Batman has died before.

Darkseid killed him.

Joker died in the Arkhamverse, Batman isn't much of a stretch.

It'll kill the post last boss free roam though. :P
Posted 01:43 on 07 January 2015


News story based on my Tweet?

Click for Image
Posted 01:42 on 07 January 2015
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Of course Batman won't bloody die, DC don't have the balls to do it.
Posted 01:18 on 07 January 2015

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