The Last of Us screenshot
The Last of Us screenshot

The Last of Us' creative director Neil Druckmann has released an image showing what may have been the original ending for the game.

If you haven't finished the game yet, don't read (or scroll) any further.

The image, which you can see below, appears to show Tess holding a knife to lead character Joel's neck, who is tied to a chair. The image is also dated 2010, suggesting it was one of the game's earlier pieces of concept art.

Could the original ending have seen Tess killing Joel?

Druckmann released the image to promote Naughty Dog's upcoming talk at PAX Prime, where himself and game director Bruce Straley will be discussing how they pitched the concept for the game to Sony, and how the game has changed since their original vision.

"See how it originally ended," he tweeted, "as @bruce_straley and I re-pitch The Last of Us for you."

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For more talk on The Last of Us' ending, head over to Simon's discussion about his perception of the game's closing moments, or take a listen to our spoilerific Last of Us podcast.

Source: @Neil_Druckmann

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texporter's Avatar


CHECK OUT artatyourservice the last of us drawing on youtube
Posted 14:19 on 09 August 2013

Syme@ Woodfella

You might want to spoiler this post telling him to spoiler the game he's now added a spoiler warning to in his post. spoiler.
Posted 16:44 on 06 August 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Woodfella

Good point, I'll edit my post add spoiler tags now.

And you are right about controlling the threat. That would of put an intriguing spin on the ending. Mashing on the control pad in order to stop yourself from pursuing Ellie, whilst the game compels you forward uncontrollably. It would swift change from the feelings of growing empowerment you've gotten throughout the game to a sudden helplessness. That would be an interesting turn of events.
Posted 16:35 on 06 August 2013

Woodfella@ MJTH

Oh yeah I agree that their ending was better. I din't make that connection, but I guess you're right. Might want to spoiler tag that also. Would have been pretty cool to actually be controlling the threat though, and feeling completely helpless. Think it could have been quite powerful.
Posted 16:12 on 06 August 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Woodfella

I agree that would of been a good ending also, but that would of garnered way to many comparisons to the ending of
Show Spoiler the walking dead, by tell tale .i.e. Infected male protagonist poses a threat to the young female protagonist forcing said female protagonist to kill the male protagonist.

Now, Naughty dog obviously didn't and wouldn't change their games ending in response to that ending in anyway, but I think it's better that the Last of Us ended in a way that was not similar.
Posted 16:05 on 06 August 2013


I think it would have been good if the ending was this: Joel, becomes infected somehow and you are playing as Joel when he becomes hostile, you dont have full control over him though and can only move him slightly, infected Joel runs toward Ellie , grabbing her and forcing her to the ground, you are doing all you can forcing back the control stick pressing all the buttons but it isn't enough and joel continues to attack her. Ellie struggles begging him to stop and eventually managers to get her switch blade and stabs you in the heart/face. END.

Something like that anyway.

This is good as you go through the experience the infected have, they are aware of what they are doing but cant help it.
Posted 15:55 on 06 August 2013

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