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Grand Theft Auto 5's PSN preload event has been brought forward to Sunday, September 15, Rockstar has announced.

The announcement follows news earlier today that the preload had been pushed back to Monday after originally being expected to be available today. Understandably the news upset some fans.

But instead, the preload will now be available from 3pm BST this Sunday to all PlayStation 3 players who pre-purchased the game via the European PlayStation Network.

North American PS3 owners will be able to preload the game from 3am EST on Monday.

GTA 5 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Tuesday, September 17. Head back to next Monday, September 16 at 3pm BST for our full review.

Source: @rockstargames

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tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ pblive

Haha, Ok ill try
Posted 14:46 on 17 September 2013

pblive@ tvr77

Oi, stop being negative about the negative people being negative.
Posted 12:32 on 17 September 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ jsassu20

"Stop being negative! It poisons the soul."

Sadly being negative is all the majority of internet users know how to be these days. Its really quite depressing to keep reading the same constant whining and moaning comments from people.
Posted 11:35 on 17 September 2013
jsassu20's Avatar

jsassu20@ FredMertz

I've downloaded plenty of games from the PlayStation store and not once have I ever had any issues... Three moths ago I installed a 1TB hdd and opted out of cloning the existing 500GB disk that I had previously installed in the system... Long story short I had to download all my games from the PSN again, which happened to be about 500GB... It took about 24hours to download everything, which seems slow but for that amount of data 24 hours is actually a pretty impressive amount of time... My point is this, Sony is one of the largest tech giants in the world and GTA V is probably the most anticipated game of the last decade... Do you honestly believe the Sony does not understand what bandwidth is?? If they are advertising it for a 12:00 am release on Tuesday morning then I'm sure their servers are more than capable of handling it! Plus I'm willing to bet that about 85% of the people who buy it for PS3 will end up buying a physical copy. Stop being negative! It poisons the soul.
Posted 09:28 on 16 September 2013
FredMertz's Avatar


It don't matter. The PS3 download is going to crash and burn under the weight of the massive file size and number of people trying to get it. Does nobody have any common sense?
Posted 16:28 on 15 September 2013


I'm not even sure where my copy is coming from...or when. I just know it will eventually arrive.
Posted 18:59 on 14 September 2013
dudester's Avatar


Amazon have dispatched my order so may possibly have it Monday.
Posted 18:45 on 14 September 2013
Freekill's Avatar


Very naughty of amazon, as Rockstar made it very clear not to deliver before the 16th.

Hope you are enjoying as much as I am going to be when it finally arrives :P
Posted 18:12 on 14 September 2013
tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Neon-Soldier32

He is just showing us he got it early, i'm sure you yourself would be telling us all if it was you who got yours early too, i think you might be a little jealous, don't worry i am too.
Posted 18:05 on 14 September 2013


"Your order of 6th September, 2013"

I ordered mine on the 1st, why hasn't mine came early? :'(
Posted 12:55 on 14 September 2013

Neon-Soldier32@ TOMBOY25


(And you don't need to post this multiple times!)
Posted 12:25 on 14 September 2013
TOMBOY25's Avatar


amazon shipped early.
Posted 11:49 on 14 September 2013

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