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SimCity (2013) screenshot
SimCity (2013) screenshot

EA has apologised to users who were left unable to play SimCity after the publisher's online service Origin was crippled by "overwhelming demand".

Some fans attempting to play the city-building game, which launched in North America yesterday, reportedly faced lengthy delays while attempting to connect to EA's Origin servers, which the game requires in order to function.

EA later acknowledged the issue, confirming that it was "experiencing overwhelming demand which is keeping some users from accessing their games", and issued an apology.

"The SimCity servers are currently inundated with the masses of eager mayors attempting to govern their cities," the publisher said on its website.

"Some players may currently be experiencing issues or delays when attempting to join a game server or region - or may be unable to create a city at this time. Additionally, there are intermittent reports of friends list, invite, and tutorial delays and errors. We are working to clear traffic from the roads and hope to have all players managing their cities as soon as possible.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience while we work on a resolution to this issue."

EA has previously faced criticism for its approach to SimCity's DRM, which requires an always-on internet connection to function.

However, the publisher says that it is "confident" that server issues won't plague the game's international release later this week.

"We're making changes to prevent further issues," the publisher said in a follow-up tweet, "and are confident that Origin will be stable for international launches later this week."

SimCity launches in the UK this Friday, March 8.

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User Comments

clangod's Avatar

clangod@ MJTH

Thanks for clarifying. Maybe I didn't read it as intended.
Posted 10:43 on 07 March 2013
The_Grendel's Avatar


Didn't get to download it until the next morning. Then Once I got home from work in the evening I find that all the North American servers are showing either busy or full.
So I played all last night on a European server. (How many of my issues are due to poor latency with a server halfway around the world?)
Connect today on a day off to find that YAY, The NA servers are available! maybe my experience will improove... On the 7th new city I have to start since, Oh Yeah, your saved games are server specific and won't follow you...

I don't want a refund, but you're dreaming if you think I'll pay for any DLC...

EDIT: Well that was wishful thinking, Connected to NA Server and it won't let me skip the tutorial that won't load...
If this keeps up I may change my mind on that refund...
Posted 17:18 on 06 March 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ clangod

What was I trying to say was that I don't sim city would run on most modern machines not, not mentioning obsolete rigs. I think if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of things in sim city are being done server side, then the minimum requirement would be much higher. Closer to minimum 8GBs of ram then 2GBs. A much better CPU then just a 2 core processor, to keep up with the strain.

Sim City is a very taxing game, even on lowest setting. On the highest settings a Geforce 680 can struggle, under the current way sim city is managed, dropping to bellow 30 FPS when more closly zoomed (on a £300+ GPU), let alone if it wasn't being done on server.

Let me just say again I don't back prohibiting always DRM. And in the case of sim city, I agree that the DRM wasn't implemented at all in a way that completely benefits the consumer. However I think EA would have limited their audience more if they had release a DRM free sim city that required a very high spec PC setup,rather then the always on internet set up with mid to low requirements they have now. Either that or the would of had t scae back the size of the game (even more theny've had to now).
Posted 16:04 on 06 March 2013
clangod's Avatar

clangod@ MJTH

I would like to believe you as you say EA made these decisions to enable those of us with older hardware to run the game but I can't help but remember the reasoning behind this being the implementation of the co-dependent play and the "because this [online] is the future" statement I have read elsewhere.

Based on what you say, this is kind of counter-intuitive. They've released a game which requires constant connection regardless of online interaction and justified that by saying it is the way of the future, but then curtailed that by trying to allow the game to run on older hardware...

So aren't we all now part of the future? Why wouldn't Sim City run perfectly well locally on any modern machine?

No offense intended to you MJTH but I don't believe for a second that EA had any concerns for almost obsolete hardware when deciding this.

Call me bitter and twisted. I'm an old man. But I cannot see the minimum requirements relating in any way to the game needing servers and a constant connection to run.
Posted 13:56 on 06 March 2013
MJTH's Avatar


To be honest, whilst EA should of forseen these problems, I think they've handled the situation much better then most always on game launches in the past. Day two after the North american launch and problems seemed to have cleared up for the most part from what I've heard. That's much better then Diablo 3's first week of horrible problems.

One of the reasons they servers for the game (and therefore DRM) is to allow a lot of the complex calculations to be done on their end, so you don't need a really good PC to run. My PC could run it, from the system specs which is incredible. It's not like diablo where it lags in single player, but more along the lines that some of the less important, simulation parts can be done on their end whilst you enjoy the main mechanics for the game running on your system.

This game didn't need to be always online, but for me at least, because it's always online and a lot calculations are being done on servers and not on my end, I would be more likely to buy this game because I wouldn't need a massive upgrade to my set up for it to run. Their goal was to allow your (stereotypical un-tech savy) "dad" to run it on his PC, and I think they've reasonably done that.

I'm not for DRM, but if it allows me to play the game, when I wouldn't be able to due to system requirement constraints otherwise, then that's at least a reasonable use for a system like this. Not like Diablo 3 which feasibly would run on regular gaming set up anyway.
Posted 13:25 on 06 March 2013


For me, Sim City is one of those games many people would normally have on a laptop to play while travelling, or away. Having it always on doesn't make much sense and limits the audience (or makes them angry if they only find out after buying the game).
Posted 13:15 on 06 March 2013
clangod's Avatar


Problems are to be expected. Just like any day one online dramas. But case in point Sim City doesn't need to be an online game. Or at least give us the option to buy an online pass if we choose to do so...

Instead of the obligatory "We're sorry, everything should be okay soon" spiel, how about you take note of the reasons you are being sledged to high heaven with your always online restrictions and your inability to deliver a single player experience to all who deem the online co-dependent play unnecessary?

I played the beta. It is awesome. And i didn't once think about having another player (friend or otherwise) in my game. Maxis deserve much praise for Sim City. Unfortunately EA have crippled it with their draconian ways.

This won't stop piracy. It never has. It just makes it harder for your paying customers to get the experience they deserve.
Posted 13:10 on 06 March 2013
racejames's Avatar


You can tell right now that when SimCity comes out in Europe tomorow, the exact same thing is going to happen. I just hope i can play the game in same hour I stuffed the cd in my PC (probably not gonna happen though :/)
Posted 11:55 on 06 March 2013

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