xbox one hardware -
xbox one hardware -

Xbox One’s release date has been narrowed to “late November”.

The launch window was mentioned in the terms & conditions of a PepsiCo competition, who has partnered with Microsoft to give away “thousands” of Xbox One consoles this autumn.

“Xbox One has [a] targeted launch date of late November 2013,” reads the competition’s terms, “therefore, the initial shipments may be slightly delayed; please allow 12-14 weeks for delivery”.

Microsoft announced a partnership with PepsiCo earlier this year, which saw “limited edition” Doritos and Mountain Dew products branded with the Xbox One logo.

So far, Microsoft has only confirmed a November launch window for Xbox One.

The ‘late November’ date suggests Microsoft could be preparing itself to go head-to-head with Sony’s PlayStation 4, which launches in the US on November 15 and in the UK on November 29.

Pre-orders for Xbox One are still available, but expected to sell out soon.

Source: (via NeoGAF)

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BenRawR's Avatar


I'd love a free Xbone! But there's no chance in hell that it's going to take my money!
Posted 10:56 on 02 September 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I don't think there's ever been a head to head in my lifetime, although I think the PS3 and the Wii were just 2 days apart in North America, so if they both launch on the same day it'll be new territory for everyone.
Posted 22:59 on 30 August 2013
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