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Xbox One will launch in North America on November 27, 2013, according to Amazon.

The date appears on Amazon's US website, which updated its listing for both the console and a selection of launch titles last night to reflect the new date.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce a release date for Xbox One, but has confirmed a November launch.

The news follows yesterday's report that PlayStation 4 was set to release across Europe on November 13, after an advert and retailer listing pinned a date on Sony's console.

If both retailers are accurate, the date would pin Xbox One for release two weeks after PS4.

As well as updating its release date for the console, Amazon also listed numerous Day One Editions of upcoming Xbox One software.

The retailer reveals that Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and Ryse: Son of Rome will each launch alongside a limited Day One Edition, featuring bonus in-game content and alternative box art.

Source: Amazon

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dbroman3@ dbroman3

Or maybe even the 5th! With COD
Posted 17:36 on 21 June 2013
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Karlius, I agree with the 8th. Its hard to imagine that they would want to release COD three weeks before the console, just doesn't make sense. I'm still going with the 8th. Amazon originally had the 30th, obviously because they only know that it is to release in november, but changing it to 27th just gets people talking about it and going to the site. Its a safe bet that xbox wont release after the 27th so they feel like they can make that judgment.
Posted 17:34 on 21 June 2013
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The date is the right side of Thanksgiving (28th) so there could be some weight to it. Would of thought release would have been a week or so before (i was predicting 8thor 10th) the 29th for their massive Black Friday mega sales and the busiest shopping weekend of the US year.

So if the projected Sony dates are correct and they are doing big numbers they may experiencing "distribution" problems early doors, meaning consoles are like gold dust whipping up a media frenzy and increasing immediate demand, but you'd expect a second shipment to arrive by the time XB1 goes on sale which would then rejuvenate the market for the sales weekend putting Sony on a very sure foot leading into the Christmas period.

Release timing will be critical for both consoles to fight for the initial upper hand along with early consumer reaction to the products.
Posted 15:41 on 21 June 2013
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