xbox one hardware -
xbox one hardware -

Only a "very small number" of Xbox One customers are experiencing problems with the hardware, Microsoft has claimed, reassuring those affected that it is working to get a replacement console sent to them "as soon as possible".

In a statement responding to reports last week that some users had been suffering from faulty disc drives, Microsoft told IGN that, "The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. We're working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers."

Those who have experienced the issue have reported the disc drive making a grinding noise whenever a disc is inserted and failing to read the disc.

Xbox One launched last Friday, November 22, and broke Xbox records by selling over 1m units within its first 24 hours.


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greenlantern6's Avatar


Wanna know something? Out of all the ***** you hear about the PS4's failures, it still manages to have less below average Amazon reviews and less than half the percentage of below average reviews with Best Buy.
I doubt it affects a "very small number".

For launch comparisons PS4 blows Xbox One out of the water.
Although, there will not be a clear winner of the new generation until early 2015, after the first year of games and possibly new console versions.
Posted 16:20 on 02 December 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Microsoft, STOP trying to copy and one up Sony on everything...
Posted 09:52 on 26 November 2013
alexlaird87's Avatar


cause Sony came out of the gate first, pure and simple...
Posted 15:05 on 25 November 2013
Tomhap's Avatar


Same as sony, why did sony get way more *****?
Posted 14:11 on 25 November 2013
Freekill's Avatar


Yet a bigger number compared to ps4 hardware issues according to kotaku.
Posted 12:59 on 25 November 2013
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