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Xbox 720 specs emerge: 8-core CPU, 8GB RAM, DirectX 11.1 and Blu-ray

Next-gen Xbox on a par with PlayStation 4, latest leak suggests.

11 Publish date 3:21pm at 21 Jan 2013

Skype to be used for next gen Xbox voice chat

Microsoft to consolidate all communications technology around the Skype platform.

Publish date 9:44am at 17 Jan 2013

Thief 4 to skip current gen for Xbox 720, claims report

OXM sources indicate the game will launch in 2013.

1 Publish date 11:53am at 08 Aug 2012

Call of Duty Elite rival, Battlefield Premium, set for E3 reveal?

EA will unveil Battlefield Premium, a Call of Duty Elite style subscription service, at E3.

2 Publish date 5:16pm at 14 May 2012

Is Internet Explorer 9 web browsing coming to Xbox 360?

There's also the suggestion that Kinect gesturing and voice control will be integrated into the web experience. Whilst Kinect won't be mandatory for Internet Explorer, the source states that the browser has been tuned for Kinect.

14 Publish date 9:17am at 11 May 2012

Human Head deliberately stopped work on Prey 2 over contract issues

Work on the game stopped in November, another big project being developed at studio.

Publish date 9:44am at 20 Apr 2012

Credit card details can be obtained from wiped Xbox 360 hard drives, claims report

A report that it is possible to obtain credit card details from a wiped Xbox 360 hard drive is unlikely to be true, Microsoft has said.

Publish date 12:32pm at 02 Apr 2012

Elder Scrolls Online reveal this May?

The rumoured Bethesda MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, will be revealed in just a few months time according to an industry source.

1 Publish date 9:46am at 16 Mar 2012

Next Xbox and PS4 to spoil Wii U party at E3 2012

The next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 will both be shown at E3 2012, reports UK trade publication MCV.

3 Publish date 9:27am at 06 Jan 2012

Xbox Team source confirms 2013 release for next Xbox

The successor to the Xbox 360 will be released in 2013, a source on Microsoft's Xbox Team has revealed.

5 Publish date 1:25pm at 15 Dec 2011

Next generation Kinect to lip read?

Microsoft intends to release a follow-up to Kinect which boasts the ability to lip read, sources have said.

4 Publish date 12:37pm at 28 Nov 2011

People Can Fly to take over Gears of War?

Bulletstorm dev, People Can Fly is to make a Gears of War prequel trilogy according to an OXM rumour.

4 Publish date 9:52am at 24 Nov 2011

Ubisoft source suggests Xbox 720 will launch in 2012

Ubisoft Montreal is working on "target boxes" built to represent the specifications of the next Xbox.

2 Publish date 4:44pm at 16 Nov 2011

Next Xbox rumoured for CES announcement?

Microsoft is set to make an announcement regarding the next Xbox hardware at trade show CES in January, French website Xboxygen is reporting.

2 Publish date 9:49am at 15 Nov 2011

Just Cause 3 set for 2012 release?

Just Cause 3 will be released in 2012, according to rumouring by Xbox World magazine. The latest issue states that its spies have confirmed the existence of the title.

3 Publish date 9:56am at 27 Oct 2011
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