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Blizzard Entertainment's executive VP Rob Pardo has concurred with Gabe Newell's comments on Windows 8, saying that the controversial new operating system is "not awesome for Blizzard either".

Pardo took to Twitter to voice his concerns over the latest version of Windows, which has been criticised for restricting the way in which content can be delivered to consumers.

The new OS will only allow Metro-enabled apps and programs to be downloaded via the Windows Store from which Microsoft takes a 30% cut, thus squeezing the margins of software developers.

Speaking yesterday about the impact it could have on the market, Valve CEO Gabe Newell said that "Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space" that will cause top-tier PC manufacturers to "exit the market".

"I think margins are going to be destroyed for a bunch of people," he continued (via the BBC). "If that’s true, it’s going to be a good idea to have alternatives to hedge against that eventuality."

He added that Valve was looking at using Linux as a "hedging strategy" to try and offset the impact Windows 8 could have.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for the 2,500 games on Steam to run on Linux as well," he said.

Microsoft has been heavily criticised by some for attempting to close the PC platform via Windows 8. The operating system's new touch-screen-focussed Metro interface hasn't gone down too well with pundits either.

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Joey_Bananas's Avatar


I have little interest in Windows 8 (I still run Vista, to my shame) but I probably wouldn't mind the interface all too much. I had problems with the Xbox Live dashboard update when it was made more accessible for those using Kinect features, but now it doesn't bother me because I've got used to it.

Windows 8 is just going to be a OS that will bring all of Microsoft's products together under one system (tablets, phones, PCs) and make the user experience more fluid and consistent. I always thought it was funny when I saw small tablets using a very watered down and shoddy version of a Windows OS when it could've actually benefited from a OS that catered to it.

As far as I know about Windows 8 as well, you can actually revert it back to the classic UI by clicking a few buttons. I'd just have to praise Microsoft for taking a massive leap with this UI. It's a really big risk doing it and potentially alienating millions upon millions of users worldwide.
Posted 10:20 on 28 October 2012
nikoftime's Avatar


Man!! - That kid's dad/grandpa really needs to use the keyboard. It wasn't so hard for my 70 year old maternal grandpa or my 55 year old dad, or my mom to go back to the Modern UI :\
Posted 07:47 on 28 October 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


That YouTube video is quality, I seen it at gadget show live earlier this year and couldn't understand why I needed a touch screen interface when I don't have a touch screen the app boxes don't make any sense on a pc they just seem to be trying to get the smart phone market.
Posted 13:14 on 30 July 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


The thing is Microsoft can't win. When they try to stick with the same interface just to please the market people complain about a lack of innovation and no one buys their products - just look at Windows CE for example. But when they try something different - even things that consumers do like and find useful, they are negatively put down.

What bugs me with Windows 8 is that most people just don't seem to understand what it is, or how it works, and all these companies being so set against it, and so vocal with their negativity just isn't helping. Yes, Metro mode/interface would be the new main UI, and MS are launching an app store will offer apps designed for that system. And yes, Microsoft have restricted the use of the APIs for the Metro mode - but there is still a desktop mode, and your Steam and such would still work, so I really have no idea why all these companies are bad mouthing Win8 before it has even launched.
Posted 21:51 on 27 July 2012
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