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The Swedish branch of retailer GAME has priced a range of Wii U accessories, including the Wii U GamePad and the Wii U Pro Controller.

The retailer estimates that the Wii U GamePad will cost SEK 1499 (GBP ~£135).

Meanwhile, the Wii U Pro Controller has been given a price tag of SEK 699 (GBP ~£62).

For sake of comparison, a Wii Remote Plus costs SEK 499 (GBP ~£45). Over here, a Wii Remote Plus would officially set you back £39.99.

These prices may not be final, however. The retailer points out that the "price & dates are tentative" and subject to change.

Earlier today, UK retailer ShopTo slapped a £279.99 price on Wii U.

A price or release date for Wii U has yet to be announced by Nintendo.

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CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ dudester

For the GamePad, obviously. But they are listing the Pro Controller at £62! No way is that going to sell at anything above £35, most likely £30. I actually wouldn't be shocked if the GamePad was £100 or so, as it does seem to pack quite a bit of tech inside it.
Posted 12:42 on 09 June 2012
dudester's Avatar


I can see the price being much higher then a normal controller tbh.
Posted 11:17 on 09 June 2012
TOMBOY25's Avatar


i thought so thanks
Posted 13:42 on 08 June 2012
Wido's Avatar


Don't you just love it when retailers make 'predicted' prices for when something new comes along. Await proper confirmation from Nintendo!
Posted 12:42 on 08 June 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Sad truth for the game pad really.

A lot of people complained about not being able to use multiple game pads at once, but I think that was mostly because the original alternative was to us the wiimote and nunchuck, but now we have the pro controller that should be less of a problem. The wii u was never intended, until recently, to use multiple game pads (as you can tell by it halving the frame when two are equipped). And the Nintendo first party games shown don't even have two of those pads in use so that just shows that Nintendo only wanted one in play at any one time.

I highly doubt that the pro controller will be £60 though, I realise it is a new design but the PS3 controller controller (the closest in hardware design to the pro) only cost around £35 and the wiimote costs around £45 like said. So I think the pro controller will be within that price bracket, probably £40.

@TOMBOY25 it does come with one.
Posted 12:38 on 08 June 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Sorry but this is really dumb. For starters you can halve that number because the Pro controller won't cost more than £30, and even then these numbers are subject to whatever ridiculous exchange rate and tax differential there is between here and Sweden.

This is a safe sky-high price range set by GAME just so they can get pre-orders down, and every retailer is going to do the same.
Posted 12:36 on 08 June 2012
TOMBOY25's Avatar


wait so does the wii u come with a gamepad or not if it dosent i cant afford one :p
Posted 12:24 on 08 June 2012
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