xbox one headset1111 -
xbox one headset1111 -

UPDATE: Gem has told that its listing was a mistake and that the Xbox One box "won't include the headset".

ORIGINAL STORY: Xbox One will ship with a headset included in the box, according to the console's distributor Gem.

The headset is mentioned in this week's issue of The Future, Gem's monthly magazine (pictured above), which states that the Xbox One console will be "bundled with [the] new version of Kinect" and "includes [a] redesigned wireless controller and wired Chat Headset".

Though it could be a mistake, Gem is the UK's only official distributor of Xbox One.

Gem's claim contradicts previous comments from Microsoft, which stated that "Xbox One does not include a pack-in headset accessory". Instead, it plans to release an official Xbox One headset separately, and develop an adapter allowing players to use an existing Xbox 360 headset.

So has Microsoft reversed its stance on including a headset in the box? We've contacted the platform holder to find out.

Source: The Future

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It's not just MS being confused, but their distributors too.
Posted 13:47 on 05 July 2013


Babel fish FTW.
Posted 11:14 on 05 July 2013
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Microsoft executives went on to distance themselves from the common man by saying "We imagine these days that every household has an in-ear whispering robot bee".

When it was mentioned this wasn't the case, the response was "Buy an Xbox 360. Or a robot bee."
Posted 11:13 on 05 July 2013
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