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Ubisoft has revealed it plans to follow in EA's footsteps and offer day one DLC to customers who buy their games new.

Asked about DLC during its year-end earnings call last night, Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez made reference to EA's Project $10.

"Most of the games we are releasing next year will have from the start downloadable content available, and we are looking very carefully at what is happening with EA regarding what we are calling the $10 solution, and will probably be following that line sometime in the future," said Martinez.

CEO Yves Guillemot added that the publisher already has such a system in place.

"We have been using keys starting last year on our products," he explained. "Those keys were allowing some customers to have content if they were buying the product in specific stores, so we have the system in place to actually generate more revenue on the second-hand market.

"We are building the content to make sure it can be beneficial for both groups to actually pay enough on one side and on the other side when you don't buy the game as a full game that you're interested to buy the new offering and are interested to pay to get that."

EA has since taken Project $10 one step further, making online functionality in its EA Sports titles available only to those who buy the game new. Those who pick up a used copy of a game will need to pay a one time fee to unlock the online services.

Via Kotaku

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mikejosh1978's Avatar


Thing is with 'Game of The yr ' additions or like the AC2 dlc edition , it seems that a 6mth wait will a) Save you money & b)Get more for that cash than the so called special & limited editions you pay a fortune for on day 1. This will impact prices badly for trade-in & is now another teet of the cash cow that the videogame industry is going to milk. EA will charge per game & i assume Ubisoft will too which could get very expensive if 2nd hand isn't cheaper . I still think its a step too far as isp , XBL & such don't get cheaper , nor do launch day games so why should we pay up to 3 fees to play online? Obviously EA's losses are a big problem & instead of making decent games that work online & stop buying crap studios & licences that produce poor games or don't use at all they want to punish its consumers. They not heard of this global recession thats going on ?
Posted 12:27 on 19 May 2010

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Clockpunk's Avatar


Why should the videogame industry be the only industry without a viable pre-owned market? I can buy a second-hand DVD and access all the features without paying extra? Developers should be focusing on making experiences that MAKE me want to buy a game new - not force my hand if I want certain features. It is an old argument, but still very valid. What about second hand books? Pay extra for the final 3 chapters? Cars? Buy new or get no speedometer? I can sell my car if I wanted to and Daihatsu wouldn't see a penny of the private transaction.

WHY should the consumer HAVE to support the videogame industry if they do not feel the pricetags are justified? At least with the current generations they at least have the option of making money from DLC. Sadly, the greed seems to have really kicked in - I don't even buy second hand titles (only new and sealed - I like perfect collections), but this level of arrogance irks me somewhat.
Posted 18:05 on 25 May 2010
atheistium's Avatar


This sucks for people who spend most of their money in the pre-owned market. Then again, I am proud to support the industry by purchasing a new copy. Half the time the game goes down in price or on an offer a few weeks after the release. Although, I am very much a day one purchase kind of girl.

I am not a huge fan of the pre-owned market these days. I think people should really support the industry by purchasing new. The industry sees no money from your second hand purchase. While DLC is one saving grace, you can't place your bets on players purchasing the DLC each time.
Posted 18:01 on 25 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ El-Dev

Totally agree most trade in prices constitute rape. Trade in an average full price £40 game and get £10 for it. See it on the shelf 10 minutes later @ £30 = RAPE
Posted 13:47 on 20 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Karlius

Well not double the revenue as you're not paying an extra $10 when you buy the new game as the code is included in the normal price but I know what you mean. I think it's reasonably fair to be honest as it means each owner of the game who wants to play online has to contribute to the pub/dev like those who bought the game new. I can understand some seeing it not being fair but the current system of trade-ins isn't fair either.
Posted 13:42 on 20 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ El-Dev

Maybe not El Dev but the first purchaser has already contributed so they will be getting double the revenue per game.

I to don't 100% agree with Get_Real DLC only exists as we the consumer ask for it. If a company is providing additional playtime via development then they should be paid for it. If it was clearly cut from the original game like AC2 or BS2 then it shouldn't be paid for as this accumulates to raping the consumer.
Posted 13:28 on 20 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Get_Real

Playing online you're using the publishers/developers servers so if you buy a 2nd hand game you're not really paying them for the use of these servers or the maintenance of them. Don't really see that as being fair as you haven't contributed anything to the publisher/developer, only the profits of the seller.
Posted 13:10 on 20 May 2010
Get_Real's Avatar


That goes for second hand games also, it's all related. Paying extra to enable features, just because you brought a pre-owned copy. It is just a way for software companies to control the second hand market, which they have no right to do. fair enough if they wish to gain a percentage of huge profits being made on their game at resale through retailers. They just can't pass that cost to the consumer. When I buy a product the product is mine. If I want to sell it or swap it. that is up to me. That is my right. Paying for extra content that should be there in the game in the first place is still paying, if it is an unlock code here a "new" map there. paying extra to enable a game when it is brought pre-owned, it is all the same, connect the dots.
Posted 13:02 on 20 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


He has a point, but he's missed the point that the $10 scheme is only for 2nd hand games not new games no matter when they are bought.
Posted 16:31 on 19 May 2010
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Get_Real

:thumbup: I agree :thumbup:
Posted 16:18 on 19 May 2010
Ghost_Dog's Avatar

Ghost_Dog@ Get_Real

He has a point.
Posted 16:13 on 19 May 2010
Get_Real's Avatar


This is robbery, what is sad is that all you so-called gamers are not only sitting on your couch in front of your TV happily taking it in the backside with your controller in your hand, but some of you are actually making suggestions on how the software companies can rob us more effectively. What is wrong with you? Software companies deserve to make a profit from the game they make, especially if those games are quality and they should do so fairly, ethically and honestly. But they have no right selling me a product with features deliberately cut out so they can sell me those features at a later date for more money than it is not worth, I mean the DLC doesn't even exist, physically. It is virtual content. Are we so brainwashed and zombified that we will pay for things that don't even exist? WAKE UP! sales for the stimulus pack of COD Modern Warefare 2 are through the roof, Ubisoft is releasing Assassins Creed 2 "COMPLETE EDITION", EA have been trying to sell us extra guns and footballs that should have been in the game anyway and you are all happily accepting and supporting this? Why? If you got money spend it I'm not mad at you go buy the game on day 1 Buy the collectors edition I have a few myself, but one thing you have to understand if the majority buy into this DLC scam hook line and sinker, it will be too late for the rest, because it will be come part of the industry and soon you will be buying games with only a few items, playable characters, sound fx, levels and having to join an online "paid for" network only so you can pay to download "additional" content enabling you to have the "full" gaming experience. For the Love of Video-games, gamers make a stand and maybe you will start getting your moneys worth, from day one or day a hundred and one.
Posted 15:41 on 19 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar


I have a $10 plan too. You pay me $10 and I get a smack head to mouth massage your old boy. $2 for her $8 for me! That's business acumen!
Posted 15:06 on 19 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ SexyJams

I agree, but I think the EA Sports way of doing it is best having to pay to play the game online if you don't buy it new.
Posted 14:58 on 19 May 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


I can see a lot of additional costumes - cosmetic changes with no real effort, coming into play here. The kind that always used to be included as unlockables via codes and completing the game.
Posted 14:22 on 19 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


I thought EA's new project ten dollar was a great idea...
Posted 14:19 on 19 May 2010
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