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THQ's CEO Brian Farrell has suggested that next-generation consoles won't provide as much of a graphical leap as previous generations have, saying that the focus of next-generation hardware is to develop "opportunities in different types of business... rather than a humongous change in the foundation of 3D graphics".

"I think if you look at what's been happening on the PC, the generational change, if you will, as we've moved from DX10 to DX11 hasn't been, to a certain extent, the same impact that previous ones had," said Farrell, replying to a question about rising development costs on next-generation hardware.

"Certainly, when you went from 2D to 3D many, many years ago at the beginning of the PlayStation era, that was a major leap and costs went up significantly. As processors got extremely complex to try to get more and more graphics prowess out of the hardware, the PlayStation 2 jumped with also a massive change.

"I think the transition we're looking at in hardware right now is somewhat different. I think the transition is much more kind of focused around opportunities in different types of business -- different types of distribution, different types of business models, a lot more online, a lot more ability to track and relate to the consumer and things like that rather than a humongous change in the foundation of 3D graphics. So I don't expect costs to jump like they have in the past as we move forward."

Farrell's comments follow those of Mark Rein, who told last month that Epic was happy to wait for a 'massive leap' in next-generation console performance.

"[Next gen] is going to come out whenever it comes out," he told us, "and again, the whole do it right versus right now thing, I'd much rather get a massive leap in performance and capabilities than get something today."

Neither Sony or Microsoft have announced their plans for the next-generation.

Microsoft confirmed last night that it was developing a "new Xbox".

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I've said this many times before, but I stand by it; when everyone talks about graphics in a general sense it always seems to be 'polygon' this and 'resolution' that.

Graphic processor and CPU enhancements are far more important to the game worlds themselves than they are to pushing more polygons around your screen. Better realized worlds, more AI control, more interactive environments, better physics. All these things are 100% more important than the shiny graphic front that stands in front of them.
Posted 10:15 on 08 August 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar


THQ just made a much more positive step to ensuring their own survival than any company who thinks next gen will just be about more of the same in prettier pants. The future is about smaller games, delivered more often, utilising social functions. Very few of the blockbuster AAA titles will survive, and new IP in that realm will find it almost impossible to break through. We're seeing it already, and things will continue to swing this way.
Posted 10:03 on 08 August 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Endless

Future console are going to be graphically better then the current gen sure, but the, but I don't think the jump is going to be as big. To use Endless's example, the PC version of BF3 is miles ahead of the console version, but the gap is isn't as big as the jump PS1 to PS2 or SD to HD. The change/ upgrade won't be as noticeable as before and therefore can't be as big a focus like it has been before.

I think in the next generation we will have gotten to a point where jumps in graphics don't need to be as big but the systems around a game, the entire infrastucture for how we play games on and ofline and how we get games, will be made more convenient. I think that will be the focus of the next xbox, PS4 and to some extent the wii u.
Posted 09:47 on 08 August 2012
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ Batmamerc

I dunno I was pretty gobsmacked when I saw the first GRAW and Burnout games on 360 :)

Perhaps there's a perception that we're currently conditioned to expect great graphics, so whatever leap there may be won't be perceived as such a big deal. Possibly because it wont be as in-your-face it's likely to be subtl intricate details and such. Depth is what I think will increase as opposed to straight out bigger better textures. After all you still cant realistically render any more pixels than 1080p so the physical fidelity of anything shown isnt going anywhere.

It all depends on what people's idea of a big leap is. You look at the likes of Battlefield 3 on PC and compare it to the 360 version and it IS light years ahead. The difference is huge, but for a console to reach that level of detail and interactivity should be easily achievable given the efficiency of harnessing proprietary hardware. I would expect no less and with the potential for much more.
Posted 09:23 on 08 August 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


I don't agree, the next gen is surely going to be 'capable' of an amazing increase in graphics it just depends on weather the developer wants to make there games take advantage of that, when any new console comes out the first year doesn't get all that they can or even near out the graphics, 360 only started maxing out graphics in last couple of years.
Posted 08:45 on 08 August 2012
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