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Nintendo's launch plans for the Wii U have allegedly been leaked by a North American distributor.

According to a report by GoNintendo, Video Products Distributors, an American company which supplies products to Amazon, Newegg and Blockbuster, lists the console as being due for release on November 11.

The listing also suggests that the console could ship via three SKUs, starting at $249.99 (£157) and rising to $349.99 (£220).

It's not known what is included in the more expensive SKUs.

11/11/12 $249.99

11/11/12 $299.99

11/11/12 $349.99

The site requires a login to access, but a video supposedly showing the listing has been posted to YouTube. You can catch that below.

Nintendo has yet to announce official launch details for Wii U. The company is expected to reveal its launch plans next week.

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Nintendoro's Avatar


Can't wait can't wait
Posted 17:11 on 04 September 2012


Still sounds good to me. Will start trading in stuff now in preparation .
Posted 16:54 on 04 September 2012
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ Woffls

I reckon something similar, Woffls. I'm going to plump for £229.99 or - if they're launching multiple SKUs - £249.99 with NintendoLand.
Posted 16:27 on 04 September 2012
Woffls's Avatar


£199 minimum is what I'm expecting. Wii only retailed at £179 at launch, and this will be a much more costly SKU due to the Gamepad. I'm not sure if Nintendoland will get bundled with the $249 SKU, but I'm certain it will with the other ones.

Realistically: £219.99 for the console + gamepad.
Posted 16:17 on 04 September 2012
miageekid3's Avatar


I agree. There will be a good start, its cheap massive launch title list, Strong 3rd party support probably the best in launch history. its great the console is cheap spares cash for so many games on launch day i wanna buy.

heres the wii launch http://www.geek.com/articles/games/n...tory-20110222/ and the wii u launch http://www.geek.com/articles/games/w...eaked-2012082/
Posted 15:04 on 04 September 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ miageekid3

I'm worried about whether it will hold it's own against the next as well. But if the lowest SKU is sub £200 then potentially like bevan said, we could see the wii u being the second proffered house console like the wii was in some ways. A console on the side.

I very much doubt that if the nextbox or PS4 does go for much more powerful hardware again, then they won't be able to hit sub £300, (or maybe sub £280 at best). This would put the Wii U in a good position.
Posted 14:25 on 04 September 2012
miageekid3's Avatar


yeah blatently the other sku's will contain extra controller hardware etc. Tho if the first sku does contain the touch screen control pad (which it prob most def will) im really concerned about the price in relation for that and the power specs inside. Worried if it will hold out for the whole new generation for multiplatform games.

£220 gosh back in 1990 thats how much a snes cost, still the same today!

3 Skus this is great new news catering for all sized wallets :)
Posted 14:01 on 04 September 2012
MJTH's Avatar


At the lowest end a $250 price pint is good news as we in the UK can expect the price to be £200 max.

I'm assuming the 3 SKU prices will probably be different package deals. My guess is that the cheapest will be a gamepad and console only and the most expensive bundle, will probably also include a Wiimote, nunchuck, and Wii U pro controller.
Posted 12:08 on 04 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


That sounds like it will be 180ish in the UK then. In all fairness a very good price and can see it in the worse case scenario being everyones 2nd console at least, esspecially if Nintendo release the likes of Mario and Zelda which they will.

I think £250 might have been too much considering people are still settled with PS3 and 360 with their games still limited.
Posted 11:27 on 04 September 2012
miageekid3's Avatar


thats wicked news (if its true). tho £157 is so low, the rumoured cpu n gpu specs probably are true. hope the first price just includes the classic pro controller, i want some decent power under the hood. Am getting the most expensive option no matter what it is.. £220 peanuts for a console considering the 6 years worth of games releases with it
Posted 11:02 on 04 September 2012
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