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UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the report. "As a result of feedback from the Xbox community, we have changed certain policies for Xbox One". But what does it mean for you? Head here for the full list of changes.

ORIGINAL STORY: Microsoft is to announce changes to Xbox One's controversial DRM policy and 'always-online' requirement "later today", according to separate reports from tech review site WhatHiFi and specialist games site GiantBomb.

The rumour, which first appeared on WhatHiFi earlier this evening, claims that Microsoft is set to announce that it will "remove DRM restrictions on Xbox One games" and the requirement for users "to have the new Xbox 'always online'".

The site claims that Microsoft "is set to announce the changes later today, with games developers being informed first".

GiantBomb's report, meanwhile, backs up WhatHiFi's claims, stating that it's heard from its own sources that Microsoft is set to pull a "complete reversal on Xbox One DRM policies".

The changes, the site alleges, will mean that the console "no longer has to check in every 24 hours," and "all game discs will work on Xbox One as they do on Xbox 360".

The site also suggests that Microsoft has pulled a 180 on its pre-owned policy, stating that "authentication is no longer necessary" and that there will be "no additional restrictions on trading games or loaning discs".

Microsoft has faced widespread criticism from the community for its approach to DRM on Xbox One. But could the backlash have finally forced Microsoft to act? has contacted Microsoft for comment.


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wearejimbo's Avatar


Funny how it took an appearance by Mark Cerny (Sony) on Jimmy Fallon, with JF acknowledging that the PS4 was the only next gen console on which you will still be able to play used games, followed by rapturous applause from the audience, to finally trigger MS to change direction. TV TV TV. What people say on the Internet does not matter to MS only what appears on popular TV shows! "Xbox play TV".
Posted 12:45 on 20 June 2013

BrySkye@ BC_Animus

I was chatting to someone yesterday who wasn't keeping up with it all as it happened, and I did mention to him that I was somewhat bemused at the "It's a sign of weakness" or "They should have stuck to their guns" angle.

I'll be honest, it makes it sound like we're talking about international politics or something. That saving face should actually be a priority.

Their response was: "Cause when you're wrong, you just stay wrong until you're right?"

It's an interesting way of looking at it.

Sounds even more like politics.
Posted 12:12 on 20 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ BC_Animus

This isn't limited to MS this extends to the whole industry and every console manufacturer and you are right.
Posted 11:45 on 20 June 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this comment, but I wish companies like MS would stick to their guns once they have committed to something... this is the 2nd time they have gone back on their word in the past 6 months, and all it means is that I now have no confidence in anything they might have to say from now on.
Posted 11:38 on 20 June 2013
Whitewolf's Avatar


to be honest MS had to to keep sales high as i know a fair few 360 nuts have pre orderd ps4's because of the policies.
Posted 10:39 on 20 June 2013
Karlius's Avatar


All I have to say is who would have put What HiFi as the magazine to break the news lol

Posted 22:37 on 19 June 2013

BrySkye@ dazzadavie

What can the publishers do?
They can't just pull the plug and release their own console for their own games.

It's the exact scenario CD Projekt RED had, but in reverse.
They couldn't just not release The Witcher 3 on Xbox One because of the DRM restrictions which they feel very strongly about.

EA, etc, can't afford not to release on the Xbox One. Especially in light of this.

Personally, I am not going to instantly order an Xbox One.
But I have just cancelled my PS4 pre-order.

For me, this is a big win.
I will sit back and watch both systems mature for a while as gaming consoles with the games being the ultimate deciding factor without spending a moment thinking over policies.
Posted 22:11 on 19 June 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar

DancingRhino@ dazzadavie

Yeah, I wonder what EA are going to do now, reinstate online passes?

Good news, though it sounds like that stupid camera is still mandatory.
Posted 22:09 on 19 June 2013
dazzadavie's Avatar


While I got everything they were trying to do and listening to todays posdcast about MS sticking up for publishers I accept this with open arms.
it just shows they are human and are listening, but I hope this doesn't back fire when it comes to the publishers.
Posted 22:01 on 19 June 2013


That's it folks, it's all confirmed.

Beyond a 1 time set-up connection, your Xbox One need never connect to the internet ever again in order to play games.

Used games will be treated exactly the same as on Xbox 360 and you can let anyone borrow the physical disc.

Region locking : Gone

The cost? Family Share is no more.
Certainly a loss, but I was never that sold on the concept if I'm honest.
The way I see it, a family share needn't ever expand beyond the walls of your own home anyway.

Some may doubt it, but I believe adamantly this will a major breakthrough for the console.
Some may see weakness, but some, myself included, will respect Microsoft for taking the difficult and humiliating decision of listening to the feedback from their own community.

The PS4 just lost it's trump card, especially in light that the E3 conference was at least partially a bit of a PR stunt.
Posted 21:55 on 19 June 2013


This is a admittedly a cheap shot, but if their servers can't even handle a news story, we'd better hope the console doesn't need to always be online!
Posted 21:44 on 19 June 2013
MrHEWBO's Avatar


awesome, well thanks, just wanted to let you know people really appreciate the hard work!
Posted 21:38 on 19 June 2013
VG_Dave's Avatar


Haha! I might as well. Just waiting for additional information to be confirmed before posting any further details.
Posted 21:36 on 19 June 2013
MrHEWBO's Avatar


does dave live at vg towers now? smashing news updates!
Posted 21:33 on 19 June 2013


Well, they've updated the info, but it doesn't really seem to tell us anything different?

OK, it's just the blurb that has changed. Basically saying that the information below is no longer accurate, so something is happening.
Seems hard to doubt it.

Don't panic or anything though. None of this is going to mean any of the ideas or the Cloud suddenly stop working.
If any individual games require the Cloud, then they will still have that functionality.
Maybe those games themselves will feature an online requirement to play, just like any MMO.

Please remember, the Xbox One already had the capacity to play games off-line for 24 hours before it needed to do a phone-home check.

Apparently, MS were also trying to come to some kind of arrangement that would allow members of the US military to use Xbox Ones while on deployment without needing any online authentication checks.
Having the US mass media post articles saying they were 'anti-troops' must have been one of their worst shocks in the past week.

Being able to play off-line for longer than 24 hours isn't going to screw anything up.
That's just the somewhat exaggerated message that MS was trying to shove down our throats.
Posted 21:25 on 19 June 2013
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